Mark Driscoll And His MANY New Books

Well since Mark Driscoll stepped down as lead pastor at Mars Hill he has gone into overdrive with his teaching and writing, in his role as preaching pastor at Mars Hill.  I wish I could manage even half of the productivity that this guy does. Well in the course of this year Driscoll is set to publish a handful of books that I think will be quite noteworthy.

The last Book that Driscoll came out with was Vintage Jesus.

I have not read it but my wife Crystal has and she really loved it.  I have listened to all the sermons the book was based off of and think the foundational Christology found in the book is second to none.  Here is the website for that book.

Driscoll’s next book, Death By Love, is one I definitely plan on reading. It is about how the work of Jesus on the cross has defining implications for our everyday lives, and if that is not enough the cover alone is worth the money.

And since publishing two major books in one year is not enough, Driscoll also decided to come out with a handful of small books (around 100 pages) on topics like church leadership, New Testament, and Old Testament.  These will be great resources to give out to new Christians and people trying to understand how the Bible all goes together.

So take the time to check out some of these books and pass them onto others who they might bless.