Calvin And Worship

It has been incredible that in the last few years the Church seems to be waking up that worship is more than songs and hymns.  Maybe this is the fruit of the “worship wars” in which many died on the hill of preference of music style, thinking they were standing on solid biblical grounds.

The fullest definition of worship is found in Romans 12 in which we are told that the way we live our lives, every detail of it, is our ultimate act of worship.  That by being a living sacrifice we are bringing glory to God.

Functionally we are all worshippers, it does not matter if you are religious or not, you are devoting and giving yourself to something.  The interesting part is that what we worship we become.  Calvin nailed this in his seminal work Institutes of Religion.

Plato meant nothing but this when he often taught that the highest good of the soul is likeness to God, where, when the soul has grasped the knowledge of God, it is wholly transformed into his likeness.

As fallen people we are constantly tempted to devote ourselves to other things than God.  We want to worship the creation rather than the creator. (Rom. 1)  So think about it for a few minutes today, what are you becoming…