On Not Being Mark Driscoll

Well, because, for a while there, I thought I was. Or at least the Mark Driscoll of Vegas. See the problem was, like most young church ministry men, I thought that I had to be a driven, type-A, over the top capital D “dude.” I am not that dude.

I am a walking contradiction. Two people know this better than any others: Ryan and Vicky. One of there favorite pastimes is to start talking about how crazy and contradictory I am. To explain:

I am not driven, but… I am extremely passionate, but … not consistently. Just with a few things some of the time. As Vicky once said, “Matt, you only care about the things you care about.”

I am not type-A (meaning I am type-B), but … I am extremely entrepreneurial. I am hell bent on ruling the world, I just need an administrative assistant.

I am not focused, but … I am over the top. Finding a balance in this is terribly difficult, and I am beginning to embrace it.

I am not a captial D “dude”, but … I seem to have many men of this nature as friends who respect what I say. Which has got me wondering about my place in the church. Perhaps as a theologian and a purveyor of theological wisdom for the benefit of the body (note: thinking this is your call means your call starts later in life. So if this is in fact my “calling” then I am called to do the necessary work over the next decade or two to get there. Did I mention I lack patience yet?)

People are not captivated by my visions, but … I am a dreamer, and this is the Prime Rib Theory.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I am incredibly neurotic/anal and am very organizationally minded, but too lazy to even care about the things I am anal about half the time. Yeah, I’m no Mark Driscoll, but neither are most of you.

Anything to add Ryan?