I Hate Cards

Yeah I know that this is a huge “love language” for some of you out there but not me. Birthday card, greeting card, anniversary card, Christmas card, get well soon card you name it. I honestly think Hallmark is owned by the Mafia, okay not really but you get the point.

Well I was at lunch today with some friends and the subject came up of cards. Usually when I share my views on cards I am looked at like some oil exec who is getting rich off of everyone paying 4 dollars a gallon for gas.  This time was not much different.  It just leaves me to wonder, why is saying that you do not like cards like saying you are into dog fighting?

I just think that instead of throwing away three bucks on a card of paper that someone will quickly throw in the trash once they realize there is no money in it, or begin to start thinking about the gift it is attached to, we should just hand them that extra three bucks.  This three dollars could just as easily be handed to the person and they could by a cup of coffee at Sbux instead.

Besides what does a card really convey?  Yeah I am thinking about you, but not enough to come up with my own words, so I ran down to Target to steal these words that will be given to millions of others.

At this point I am sure some of you might be ready to nominate me for the anti-Christ, so let me just say that while I am against cards, I am for letter writing.  Often for my marriage anniversary or my wife’s birthday I will get a sheet of paper and spend and hour writing a letter to my wife.  Telling her personally why she means so much to me and what makes our relationship truly so special.

Maybe I am all wrong here, feel free to let me know.



7 Responses

  1. Ryan, I kid you not,

    I got in an argument with the cashier at Vons regarding this exact subject no less than 10 days ago. I took your argument a step further with the, “imagine if everyone put 3-4 bucks in a jar at a wedding or baby shower instead of buying a card.”

    She mentioned the sentimental value, to which I retorted, “After seeing each card at least two times, and realizing half of the cards didn’t even make sense, sentimental value was lost. Furthermore, photos are for sentimental value, cards are to let you know who the present is from. That can be done much cheaper.”

    You could tell that we both were indignant that the other was taking their respective side.

    My wife held her head in shame as I continued to argue as we walked out of the store.

  2. ryan, and matt…
    i can get on board with the cards are a rip off these days. you could buy a gallon of gas instead…but, one could maybe argue that you are doing the same thing as everyone else that buys cards when you write a letter to crystal…we all are just choosing more expensive stationary. this is especially true for cards that are blank. but i do agree 100% on the cards attached to wedding presents. yep. waste of time.
    thats all. 🙂

  3. I bet the profit margin on cards is exponentially higher than it is on oil (9%, if you care to compare).

    Right on, Ryan, cards need to go away.

  4. My grandmother used to, and continues her ridiculous campaign, to wrap my family’s presents in newspaper. When the seasons were right for it, Christmas, she would go so far as to save the funny pages for the extra flare of color. I remember being so exicted because I could just tear right through the paper as no one wanted to “keep it to use later”. It got even better as there was usually some form of dollar item from ORIENTAL TRADING COMPANY lying inside an empty resued cereal box. And so, I must caution myself to never reach the point of frugality so as to spare the Sunday paper for that special night of milk and cookies regardless of how much I agree with this crazy spinball of thriftiness.


  5. I had only scrolled to the title of this blog “I hate Cards” I would have bet my Son’s life that Ryan wrote it & YEP he did! LOL It really made me smile and actually laugh inside as I remembered back to ALL the great cards I have picked out for Ryan & the the seconds it took him to throw the card aside looking for the motherlode inside or outside of the card. LOL It brought back memories of me saying to Ryan “You didn’t even read it” Ryan would respond “yes I did” as he was still digging for the gift or $$$. I would then say “No you didn’t have time enuf to read it he had dropped it to fast to really absorb anything I had written”. LOL So it would go till I learned “the CARD would never really grab Ryan” no matter how much time I spend picking out the perfect verse & Picture. I am feeling really good right now my Anniversary Card to Crystal & Ryan is 2 weeks late, alas yes I did buy another Card but I have to send the check in something & I did make sure it was only $2 so I should get a few points for that. After all Crystal has not written she hates cards so an attempt needs to be maintained at card giving custom at least for Crystal. So I will get the card finally in the mail (I buy now mostly for an attempt at humor) Crystal you can read the short sincere wording while Ryan catches whatever floats out of it as he tears it open. Hopefully you will both enjoy a few moments with each other, another card and the prize within!!! Once again Congrats U two on another wedding anniversay my CARD will say it all & more!! love Mom K.

  6. Okay I agree and disagree… Sometimes people in the world are not as witty as you are dear brother and they cant express themselves well enough on their own so they have to run down to Target and by someone else’s words to express how they feel… I believe cards are good for holding money and checks and pictures or what not but cut some slack to the people who are not as versed as you and can not come up with the feelings on the fly and then write them down, because if cards are such a waste then romance novels and magizines are a waste too because they are just someone words are thoughts written down and sometime people spend almost five dollars on just one of those too… So those should be tossed as well… I believe blank cards or cards that get right to the point are the ticket. All cards should be like some cheap amount too like 50 cents and say hey happy birthday, miss you, thinking of you, happy this that and whatever else or sorry about your loss. well you get the point…

  7. Good argument Holli, and you are right I am being narrow by thinking that everyone wants to write out in thoughts in a card. My only qualification then is that you need to write in the inside that you have carefully looked at the words on the card and they precisely reflect what you want that person to know. Instead of just I was in a hurry and this one was the cheapest.

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