I Hate Cards

Yeah I know that this is a huge “love language” for some of you out there but not me. Birthday card, greeting card, anniversary card, Christmas card, get well soon card you name it. I honestly think Hallmark is owned by the Mafia, okay not really but you get the point.

Well I was at lunch today with some friends and the subject came up of cards. Usually when I share my views on cards I am looked at like some oil exec who is getting rich off of everyone paying 4 dollars a gallon for gas.  This time was not much different.  It just leaves me to wonder, why is saying that you do not like cards like saying you are into dog fighting?

I just think that instead of throwing away three bucks on a card of paper that someone will quickly throw in the trash once they realize there is no money in it, or begin to start thinking about the gift it is attached to, we should just hand them that extra three bucks.  This three dollars could just as easily be handed to the person and they could by a cup of coffee at Sbux instead.

Besides what does a card really convey?  Yeah I am thinking about you, but not enough to come up with my own words, so I ran down to Target to steal these words that will be given to millions of others.

At this point I am sure some of you might be ready to nominate me for the anti-Christ, so let me just say that while I am against cards, I am for letter writing.  Often for my marriage anniversary or my wife’s birthday I will get a sheet of paper and spend and hour writing a letter to my wife.  Telling her personally why she means so much to me and what makes our relationship truly so special.

Maybe I am all wrong here, feel free to let me know.