Obama And Abortion

Joe Carter has an excellent post on Obama’s view on abortion.

Given Matt’s last post I figured this would be a helpful read as well.  As much as I am inclined and would like to vote for Obama, I find myself landing more and more toward Johnny Mac…

I wish this election would just go away, but as Christians this is just not an option.  So no matter who you vote for get informed.



6 Responses

  1. I find it a little strange that people will vote based solely on this one issue. You know, I voted for GWB based on the fact that a few seats in the supreme court were going to become vacant, and I thought that maybe GWB would be able to place conservative court justices. But I haven’t seen or even really heard of anything that John Roberts and Samuel Alito have been able to push forth. Did it really make that big of a difference?

    But a lot has changed for me since the last election. I don’t know if I become more liberal or more intolerant, but I’m not a big fan of top-down legislation. Is abortion wrong? Absolutely, but should the government enforce a law stating that it is. I don’t really think so. Let me explain.

    In California, some people are trying to change the laws in regards to what constitutes a marriage. They are trying to change the laws as they stand, and every time some piece of frivolous legislation passes, you have some hard-core conservative Christian on tv talking about how the end of the culture has come, and how immoral these people are for pushing their laws on us. Yet, that is exactly what most Christians try to do. Now I am not some glassy-eyed idealists; I know that the laws will go one way or they will go the other way. Thus, fighting to push one’s agenda seems justified in that kind of arena. And even more, I believe some issue carry a lot more merit and are a lot more worthy that others, and are probably better for the culture as a whole. But I can’t get away from the feeling that what is being done to me is exactly what I want being done to them – that is, laws telling us what is right and what is wrong. Laws defining mortality.

    In California I voted for the parent notification act, which would require teens to inform their parents that they are going to get an abortion. But the law didn’t pass….and I just thought that if something that seems like complete commonsense can’t get passed, I don’t ever seen Roe vs. Wade ever being overturned. And I don’t think any one president can overturn it…so the issue is really a non-issue, since most presidents talk tough but then are limited in their overall influence. McCain will not be able to overturn the law…so really, what is the issue?

    In Colombia, abortion is illegal. kind of strange….

    Anyway, I just rambled…sorry dude…
    – Will

  2. One of the side issues of this election for me is my future involvement, at any level, in the Evangelical world. If Obama continues to get a pass from Evs, then to me it goes a long way toward showing that a. we are as uncritical and sheepish as others have said; b. that we have gotten lazy and defaulted loving our neighbor to the government – like the governement will care for the widow and orphan so we don’t have to get our hands dirty or make any sacrifice other than paying more taxes (which “belong to Caesar anyway); c. that we no longer anymore have any idea of civic responsibility nor what constitutes the long-term good for others; d. that we have fully embraced the modernist bias that what is youthful is the greatest good, and what is trendy is where to invest in order to “connect” with the lost.

    I could go on, but this is your blog. Needless to say, with a Turd Sandwich, at least you get some bread, and maybe a few pieces of corn if you’re lucky. Whereas the Giant Douche just gets stuck up the tailpipe.

  3. “I find it a little strange that people will vote based solely on this one issue.”

    Will, I think for most people, it is not the issue itself, but rather what it says about the character and worldview of the person as indicated by the issue. A man that would do the mental gymnastics to define a born baby as a non-person is not a person that I share much with. Whereas, by exmaple, a pro-choicer that supports parental notification I think I could find common ground on other issues too. It seems to be a good test about a broad spectrum of other issues. By extension, someone who was anti-abortion under ANY circumstance, and who was willing to harm others to advance their agenda – I would not find much in common with them elsewhere either, and they would likely not get my support.

  4. “A man that would do the mental gymnastics to define a born baby as a non-person is not a person that I share much with.”

    Adam, I understand what you are saying. And actually the more I was writing the more I was starting to see that laws will always go one way or the other way. So, people need to fight for what is right.

    But what is the point of a president saying “I support all human life” and their hands are tied in regards to what they can do. Doesn’t that make it a non-issue? I mean, if they could actually change the laws then there would be god reason to vote that way. Right? But if they just mirror back your views, and yet are helpless to do anything, then what is the point? GWB is pro-ife, and yet we live in a society that is pro-choice. I just don’t get it.

  5. Will, I agree. A President really can’t do much on any specific issue – he enacts and enforces the laws made by Congress. Other than as a gauge as to what kind of person and leader they are, any single positional stance is not going to be influenced only by the President.

    A couple years ago, John Roberts on Roe v. Wade said basically that making law is a legislative issue. If you don’t like the law, get it changed. And that is where conservatives will always play at a disadvantage, because their justices will follow the Constitution, rather than making it say what they wish. Roberts refused to use his position on the court to change or make law, which is the way it was set up.

  6. oops, that was me above. No need to burden my wife witrh my loud mouth opinions.

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