Kicking Old Ladies In The Face For Jesus?

This is utterly amazing. Don’t people read their Bibles anymore, or do they just find sensational nutjobs who put on a spectacle?  Watch this video.

Jesus save us…



7 Responses

  1. I cant figure out if he is a douche bag or turd sandwich.. What the heck… Here are the highlights from wikipedia. Pretty funny right after the one sentence about God it goes into his long criminal record. This guy is one lost turd sandwich…

    . At age 11, Todd began undertaking illicit alcohol consumption under his father’s supervision. Later, at age 15, Todd was sentenced as a juvenile delinquent after perpetrating sexual assault on a minor.

    At age 17, Todd was unconsciously hospitalized after swallowing a bag full of illicit amphetamines and hallucinogenic pills. His stomach pumped of the drugs, the doctors posited him to be irrecoverably approaching certain death.

    Todd credits God for his healthy recuperation and life transformation.

  2. Draper thanks for the wikipedia info, adds a lot of pieces to the puzzle. What amazes me is how many people buy into this stuff. You can start a good Bible believing church and it will take years for people to show up and get on board. But talk about kicking people in the face and banging cripples legs on the stage and people are hooked.

  3. Yeah I know.. Most of the Christian comedians I have heard are not very funny. I really do not get how people can clap and support his words. Its like a Jeff Foxworthy but worse.. What a lamo..

  4. Ryan, welcome back brother. Up for another culture saturated adventure to the land of pigs and corn? I will write you with updates on how things are going here. Still no job, about 4-5 interviews…just too low of a wage (8.50/hour).

    I watched the video you posted…yet another proud example of what dropping out of your sophmore year of shop class to go hang out with your beer ridden uncle-daddy looks like and acts like. When Jesus returns, I will pray for some laying on of hands on this guy. Talk with ya soon.


  5. Chris if you keep writing like that we will have to get you a blog. I emailed you the church info of my buddy did you get it?

  6. I did not get that email Ryan. Try this address: I am heading into “the city” (Omaha) to get a new truck with my father in law. I will keep the writing up and should there be positions available for blogging…I am still so unemployed.


  7. have you seen there will be blood? i watched it last night and was reminded of this video. and was very sick to my stomach.

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