Cocaine Jesus And A Few Other Thoughts…

I bet that title got your attention.

Well for all of you who thought Jesus was King of Kings and maker of all Creation you would be right, but drug dealers have also decided that statues of him are a good way to smuggle drugs. This is a picture of the Jesus drug statue.

Now if Dante was right about there being levels to Hell this will probably get you to the bottom level pretty quick. Maybe in this level of Hell, instead of having Cocaine Jesus statues, they have a constant stream of WNBA games on TV that you must watch. Yeah I said it, and if you like the WNBA then you probably also enjoy American Idol.

This is a great blog post I read on how to waste your theological education, but it could just as easily be applied to your life in general.

A few years ago Kobe was about to face trial for rape, losing all of his endorsements and hated by most in the NBA. Now Kobe is the face of the league and a story of redemption. Its “mind-bottling.” If he can do it maybe there is hope for Brittney Spears

The season finale of LOST last night was excellent. For those of you who do not watch the show then make you summer a memorable one and start watching it now. The questions continue to pile up and Ben still gives me the creeps but we are going to have a wild ride for the final two seasons of LOST. In my opinion, it is now officially the best show in TV history. And do not bring up MASH, Seinfeld, or something like I Love Lucy. To answer what is the greatest show of all time you only have to answer one question: if you could discover there were two previously un-aired episodes of any TV show what would it be? Put in this context nothing even comes close to LOST. Its suspense, depth and creativity make it captivating week in and week out. LOST’s depth and complexity is its greatest strength but also its greatest weakness, because it is a hard show to hop into. Therefore go and watch the first couple seasons this summer and be ready for next seasons premiere.

Last, I wanted to review more of Doug Pagitt’s book A Christianity Worth Believing, but I just could not do it. My eye started twitching and my blood pressure rose with every page as if I was watching some screaming cable news show. I did finish reading the book and I walked away sad. Doug spent a good length of time arguing that humans are basically good and that sin or evil is in large part related to systemic issues of even diet and mental illness issues. If that is where the emergent church is headed than it is a dead end of heresy and an distorted Jesus. I try not to speak hyperbolically on issues such as this so please do not think I am just trying to take shots at emergents. Go ahead and read the book yourself but you would be better off spending your fifteen bucks on a book such as this one.

Thats it for now, Crystal and I are headed out of town for the next five days so pray for safe travels for us…


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  1. american idol because it changes the course of history in america. lost cannot say that…it is fantasy. but i do think 24 could be argued for it being great finding lost episodes…maybe two that detail why exactly Jack Bauer joined CTU. i’m just saying. and i mainly just wanted the chance to throw in my support for american idol again on your blog

    hope your travels to and from and in between were safe. see you soon!


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