It Sure Is Good To Be A Bull’s Fan

While I was off at Pine Ridge Reservation and not logging onto the internet or watching TV for six days, the Bulls happened to have one of the best weeks in NBA draft history.

The Bulls pulling a monster upset ended up with the first pick in the draft even though they only had a 1.7 percent chance of winning it. Basically this is akin to an 18-0 evil juggernaut, cheating football dynasty choking in the biggest sporting event in the world. So get ready for the Bulls to return to dominance in the next few years. We will finally pick up the franchise player we have lacked since the retirement of his Airness. I am not talking about getting a good player like Deng, Kirk, or Gordon, I am talking about a star and he is none other than…

That my friend’s is a future All-star. Rose will be the centerpiece of the Bulls for the next 15 years. The Bulls will end up packaging Kirk, and one of their repetitive power forwards for a low post-scorer, maybe even Elton Brand? For those of you who want to witness the historic event of the Bulls leaping to the top of the draft and sealing their future as NBA contenders can watch the clip.

Ohh and if this was not enough big news for the Bulls, Joakim Noah was arrested for weed. This was a surprising as finding out that Adam likes American Idol. Just look at this guy, does he look like someone who might use marijuana?



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  1. Hey Adam – the feeling NOT mutual.

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