Homeless guy strikes again

I wrote this last night while answering a question. Note: it wasn’t even necessary that I write this.

Noah: obey God even when no one else will. Don’t get drunk and pass out so your sexually confused son can do things to you so dirty Moses wouldn’t even describe them.

Other note: I also caught myself writing a smiley face after an answer like this πŸ™‚

Good thing I didn’t to a wink πŸ˜‰ or slip the tongue :)’

I am hoping to go for a run later, eat some bacon and eggs make a circus poster while wearing a shirt that says, “I lost my grass in Vegas”. Note, someone will pay me a lot of money to do that last one, there called taxpayer.

homeless guy


6 Responses

  1. So is stream-of-consciousness ranting the stage before full-bore postmodernism, or is it the make-out session before hopping into bed with postmodernism for the first time?

    Matt, seminary is making you crazy(er), and you’ve only just begun.

  2. That didn’t make a lot of sense…both my analogies involved the “before” stage. Idiot. I was arguing with my daughter about which clothes she wants to wear today, which seems to affect me the way 3 Rockstars and two small papers affect Matt.

  3. This is my favorite post and comments by Adam in quite some time. Hilarious!

  4. First of all, there were 4 papers, 2 half done, 1 75% done, and another I hadn’t even started.

    b) I also had to take a final I hadn’t yet studied for


    3. I had to do like 10 online discussions.

    I either got an A or a C. Awesome!!!

  5. So wait…exactly how does waiting until the very last minute buttress your case?

  6. See I think Matt has yet to be informed that they actually give you an entire semester to complete the course work, not just the last week. I remember every time I asked Matt about a paper in college he would always say he would start it the night it was due, must thrive on the stress.

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