Cage Leaves the Rebels

In a move that doesn’t really hurt the team, and could possibly be better for the player, back-up forward Troy Cage has left the UNLV Men’s Basketball team.

Although I am not thrilled with the Sports Editor’s choice of a title, here is the the article explaining the leave. It was nice to see the coach and teammates speaking well of a guy as he left; for once. I am saddened that many fans will lump Troy in with the last three who left/kicked off the team (your title to the article didn’t help RJ sports editor).

Troy gave the Rebels some good hustle minutes off the bench last year and seemed to be on the same developmental track as “Sleepy” Rougeau. Understandably his playing time was not looking good with the additions of Massamba, Hamga and Santee.

Good luck Troy on the rest of your basketball career and thank you for the work you put into the program the last few years.



One Response

  1. I read this story this morning and was also outraged by the title of the article. As Cage is even in the same catagory of disgruntled turds that have left the program in the last year. In fact I see this article as a win-win.

    Cage is really leaving because Kruger has elevated the program beyond the level it was at when he recruited Cage. Bringing players like Trevon and DeShawn shows that UNLV is a notch above where it was when Cage came here. Truth be told we are a more highly skilled program and are attracting a higher caliber player. This is not a knock on Cage, it just shows that UNLV is heading upward and is deeper and more talented than we have been in many years.

    While it is still gossip UNLV appears to have a Kentucky transfer named Jasper coming in to a play a year from now. That would be the same time Cage would even begin to have a chance of seeing the floor.

    UNLV is in great shape and this should actually be an article that promotes the fact that Kruger has elevated our program to another level. And if I really wanted to be a dork here, I would mention that UNLV has been ranked a top 25 team by a number of polls for next season. I’m just sayin…

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