Please Pray

Psalm 147:11

the LORD delights in those who fear him,
who put their hope in his unfailing love.

I have been struck by the immense suffering and tragedy that has struck Burma. Sadly over 22,000 people have perished because of the cyclone that hit there earlier this week, and over a 100,000 or more will be left homeless and without the basic necessities for survival.

It is just so easy, maybe even too easy for us Americans to just glance past these stories as we flip channels and check our email. We feel as if there is nothing we can do to make any difference. After all, what should we do? Quit our jobs and buy a plane ticket to go volunteer for Red Cross? Well if your single and the Holy Spirit prompts you, than maybe. But what about for the rest of us? Well outside of writing a check or calling your elected official you can pray.

God calls his followers to pray. The LORD hears our prayers and they matter. So even if you just take one minute, about the time it took you to read this post to pray please do. The people of Burma are suffering and we have direct access to petition the King of the Universe.

UPDATE:  CNN is now reporting that the death toll will mount to 100,000 or more.  The previous tally of 20,000 was massively understated.