Firefox Extensions

I love Firefox. Even though I own a Mac, and Safari is great, I cannot give up Firefox. Why? Mainly because of the extensions. The extensions allow me to use my browser more effectively and to get more out of it. Here are the extensions I use:

ScribeFire: this allows me to blog inside my browser. It takes up half the screen so that I can still see my web pages. As I change tabs the ScribeFire stays open at the bottom of the screen. This allows me to search for photos and videos without having to go back and forth between the WordPress tab. It also has more editing tools than WordPress, and the best part: if I want to add a photo all I have to do is drag it from the web page into the ScribeFire box. This is by far my favorite extension.

Foxy Tunes: compatible with almost every music player, Foxy Tunes places a music control pad in my browser so that I don’t have to move away from the browser to iTunes in order to change a song, adjust the volume, etc. This is a very helpful tool to help keep focus.

Search Options: I have added Wikipedia, Meriam Websters and the ESV Bible to my search tab in the top right corner.

Bookmarks: Firefox allows for bookmark buttons to go directly below your URL space and before your tabs. Note: after adding a button, refresh the page and an icon will appear in the button. Also, manually shorten the names, for some reason they are so freaking long when you drag them down. Here are my buttons:

– gmail, wordpress, google reader, Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, ESPN, CNN, Drudge, LVRJ, Pandora, MySpace, Bible Gateway, ESV Bible, Facebook, Blogger (for Vicky).

So what are your favorite Firefox extensions? What buttons do you use? Do you have multiple tabs open each time you start Firefox? Do you still use IE on your dial-up connection?

What say you?



One Response

  1. if someone is still using IE….they deserve to be shot. no reason to use anything other than mozilla.

    my favorite is one of yours, matt. big fan of the bookmarking/icon function.

    (this is sara)

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