Kanye West and Idolatry

My good friend Brad went to see Kanye West perform at the Pepsi Center this weekend and the stories he told me about were truly wild. I could tell he was truly stunned by the worship that Kanye called for, and the Messianic mentality that Kanye seemed to embrace throughout the performance. It was riveting for me to hear how the human heart has not changed at all since the days of Moses and the Golden Calf. Here is a little of what Brad wrote:

“He held the 12,000 people in attendance in his hand and seduced them into worshipping him. As I left the arena and thought about what I had just witnessed it took me awhile to realize what it was that made me feel so nauseated and unsettled. As a pastor to my own generation what do I do with the experience I just had? What is it going to take to wake people from this fall religion of money, sex power and fame?”

You can read his whole post on the experience here. All of this is just a reminder that the human heart is desperate to worship and praise something. And when we do not worship in Spirit and in Truth we turn our hearts toward worshiping the creation.



5 Responses

  1. Wow I feel honored to be quoted on a blog as distinguished as yours. Too bad it includes a typo on my part. It should be “What is it going to take to wake people from this false religion of money, sex, power and fame?”

  2. I keep trying to tell Ryan that this is what prevents me from enjoying Kanye’s music. I get so sick to my stomach at what a blow hard megalomaniac he is that I cannot enjoy his music. Finally some back up.

  3. Now if Kanye could have healed his mother from that plastic surgery debacle, that would be worthy of worship. Matt, is he Tyra Banks/Donald Trump blowhard? Or somewhere below or above?

  4. Adam – Wow!

    – Gonna have to issue a Technical Foul on the Kanye Mom comment. Too soon.

    – The blowhard factor is really secondary to his egomania, but you have to understand, he doesn’t get as much time in front of the camera as Donald or Tyra, so it is hard to tell.

  5. Too soon, you say? Not if he were truly worthy of worship, and not just a pitiable blowhard.

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