Early Candidate For Worst Christian Idea Of The Year

This my friends is the idea of a Christian lawmaker in Florida and other Christian interest groups.  They have reckoned that since someone can put their university or favorite sports team on their plates, they should be able to put their Christian faith on their’s.  Honestly I think putting a plate like this on your car would only invite persecution (such as having your car keyed or egged) that there is just no good reason to submit yourself to.   As if Christian sub-culture was not already annoying enough to the rest of the population at large, we now need to testify to the fame of Jesus by the way we drive and a tacky license plate. This is truly the unfolding of the Kingdom of God…



12 Responses

  1. Yeah I don’t think to many people are going to get led to the Lord by my plates. It’s like putting a kick me sign on your back.

  2. Well, it is better than the anti- Evangelistic “Real Men Love Jesus”, in which the non-Christian is left to think that you don’t think they are a “real man.”

  3. I am just against anything that identifies Jesus with anyone’s driving abilities.

  4. When I had a fish on my car years ago I kept it inside on next to my speed dial. It seemed a more appropriate place to me so that I could remember how I should drive instead of letting the world know how badly I sin:)
    Maybe they should make Christian plates for inside our cars, we’d be better off!

  5. See Vicky, your problem was that you never looked at your speedometer.

    You putting a Christian fish there would be like me ordering Christian stationary to write my “to-do” lists on.

    I say that all of us go in on a business together. An overtly Christian car manufacturer. We could name all of the cars after Biblical character. Let’s do it!!!

  6. Ryan, why do you hate Jesus?

  7. Will the cars go faster than the speed limit?

  8. Love the idea, Matt. We could call the line “The Convertables”, and I know Willie Ames would be on point to endorse. Gold, baby, gold!

    Ryan, of course, will be the wet blanket. He can drive the “Eglon” model.

  9. Adam I would not want to work for you as I am sure you would try and outsource my job and cut my health insurance!

  10. Well, Ryan, it will only get worse when either one of my opponents raises the corporate tax rate. Have fun voting Dem!

  11. Mr. McCain, raising taxes will increase much-needed revenues for our national infrastructure!

  12. Guh, do you libs know *nothing* about economic policy? Your tax policy will lead to many “hoping” for “change” by the freeway on ramp.

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