So “Where Amazing Happens” isn’t just a clever slogan

Anyone who loves basketball is salivating right now. The NBA is better, as far as talent and collective competitiveness are concerned, than it has ever been in my life. I mean, if I showed you a tape of the current Suns/Spurs series two years from now and you had no idea what round it was, you would be sure it was a conference finals. The competition, the skill players, the intensity; but no: FIRST ROUND. I told my Dad a few weeks ago that there were some sleepers even in the east. My sleepers: Orlando and Philly. And on top of this many young players are having playoff coming out parties leaving us with the hope that there is plenty more of where this came from in the coming years. Dwight Howard is going berserk, having two straight 20-20 games, and Chris Paul is averaging 34.5-13.5-3.5 (points-assists-steals), LeBron finally stepping up when called out. In the words of a 13 year old girl: OMG!!!

Last night I caught some of the 4th quarter of the Hornets/Mavs game (By the way, why has no one brought up the fact that the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Hornets should swap nicknames. Seriously. The Jazz originally came from New Orleans, and the Bee is Utah’s official state highway logo or something, or motto, or whatever. This makes perfect sense and that’s why it will never happen.)

Anyways, if you have never seen Chris Paul play then your life is incomplete. Ryan always laments that Chicago let Tyson Chandler get away, but I submit that Chandler, West, and the like wouldn’t be flourishing in other situations. I submit the following video. Now it just looks like a defensive mistake on video (which it is), but you need to understand the context. Paul has been scorching the Mav’s all game; breaking double teams, cutting out when they go under a screen, cutting in when they go on top of a screen, hitting guys at the absolute perfect times, nailing 19 foot runners, 12 foot pull ups, etc. It was ridiculous. So on this play he knows the defense is putty in his hands. He cuts towards the baseline, cuts back like he’s going to slow down get to the top of the key and run a play, and without hesitating, well you’ll see:



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  1. this is one of the best dunks I have ever seen. And I would disagree that Chandler owes all of his success to Paul. Truth is Tyson Chandler is a walking double-double regardless of what team he is on. He would easily average 5 garbage buckets a game and pickup 12 plus rebounds on any team in the league. He was actually just beginning to do these things when the Bulls decided to give him away for PJ Brown.

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