A Convict, a Heretic and a New Monastic walk into a bar…

Okay, so maybe they walked onto a stage and not the bar. Okay, so maybe no one calls Chuck Colson a convict anymore. Okay, so maybe (this is me shaking my head in a horizontal direction while mouthing “definitely a heretic“) Greg Boyd isn’t a heretic. But Shane Claiborne is definitely a New Monastic

This audio is a must listen for the Christian who wants to be faithful to how the Bible says we should seek justice and how political involvement helps or hinders such justice seeking:

3 Generations of Evangelical Politics

Listening to the audio the following thoughts come to mind:

– I am so grateful for Chuck Colson, his ministry and the winsome nature of how he communicates.

– I am so grateful for Shane Claiborne and his convictions to live out the gospel. I love 75% of what he says, and think 25% is dangerous in the wrong hands (note: invert those numbers if you want to know my opinion of Brian McLaren)

– Greg Boyd is incredibly smart, but an arrogant guy all the same. All in all he gives me the heebie jeebies



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