If I was dyslectic I would hate dogs too!

HT: Bob Hyatt


2 Responses

  1. Ummm. I don’t think I understand???

  2. OK, that was funny. Christopher Hitchens’ headband with the “I Love XXX (alcohol)” was hilarious but brutal.

    I do think though that Christians should rethink their stance toward evolution. Creationism is too narrow and ignores good science. Darwinism is busted, and will be archaic in twenty more years, but studies of molecular genetics are finding some exciting things for theists to consider…like the fact that lower life forms have more complex genetic codes than do higher life forms. This means that lower life forms have the possibility of evolving into the higher forms we see today, based on certain environmental cues. Rather than randomly selected survival of the fittest, it would be more like a computer program designed to perform a certain function in certain scenarios. So possibly God seeded life with all the richness we see today, contained in simple forms, and watched the garden grow, leading toward a life form that was sufficiently complex to perceive his existence.

    Anyway, the discussion goes on. I don’t think science will be the end of the church, though. I think rampant modernism expressed through warped concepts of liberty and individuality will do a much better job of killing the church.

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