I Wonder How Many High School Deaths This Will Cause?

This has been an awesome year for Basketball.  And while I know most of the people who read this blog would rather hear a lecture on cosmological arguments than read another post about basketball, you will love this video.  These commercials that have that amateur feel to them are always fun, maybe because they remind you of a time in your life you were stupid enough to try something like this.



9 Responses

  1. In a related story Mitch Kupcheck and Jerry Buss were both found dead in their homes from apparent heart attacks. They were both sitting in front of their computers with this video on the screen. Phil Jackson remained stoic and rambles something existential and deep.

  2. awesome.

  3. Damn that fool was hauling ass!

  4. So if I buy Kobe’s shoes, I too can pull off a photoshopped d-bag stunt? I don’t get the message of the ad. Wait…if I buy the shoes, people will try to drive over me with their cars? Because I currently don’t have that problem in my cheap shoes.

  5. No Adam if you buy Kobe’s shoes you will just be a 150 poorer. But if you buy them for your son you will be a better dad, Alex will have more friends, and love you more!

  6. Ryan’s right. You would have known that if you weren’t so old and out of touch.

  7. Thanks Ryan. And here I’ve been trying to raise my son to love God and others, and teaching him math and how to read. You mean $150 shoes could have done all that for me? I AM an idiot!

  8. Hey Adam speaking of raising kids to love Jesus. My sister (who reads this blog occasionally) has asked me to write a post about how you raise kids to love Jesus. Basically how do you communicate Christianity to them and what does that look like at a very practical level.

    And since I have no kids and no little about how to talk to four year olds about Jesus I figured you would be a better person to comment on this. Plus I probably won’t pick up a book on how to teach kids about Jesus until I need to.

    If you wanted to do this you could just email your comments to Matt or I and we could put them up as a post.

  9. Give me a couple days, Ryan, and I’ll send you some thoughts.

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