Why I love this blog!!!

This has been my favorite week of blogging — EVER.

It started of with Ryan explaining the need to run a disclaimer for our content. How this brought me joy I am not sure. This moved on to some of the best back and forth posts about a subject we have ever had. This was supplemented with great comments by the “core readers” of the blog (in juxtaposition to the 100 or so people who get here daily through random search terms). And for the record, Ryan’s post yesterday explaining the Prime Rib Theory was the greatest post EVER on the blog (with the Francis Beckwith post running second).

Honestly, we could turn this blog private tomorrow, only inviting the people who currently comment and we wouldn’t miss a beat. Probably the only reason we don’t is the hubris filled joy that comes when they look at their stats. Any blogger who denies this is a liar and most likely is an Arminian heretic who believes we save ourselves (oops, let a little bit of crazy come out there, been so good at hiding it lately too!).

My life is busier now, and more stressful than it ever has been. And there is not much of an end to that in sight. This blog has provided me with a great sense of joy over the past month or so and I look forward to it continuing that.

Ryan is my best friend and I love him very much. When you are close with people the idea of “mourning with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice” becomes a natural outflow. Today I was able to do some rejoicing with Ryan and that helped me get through a very busy work morning.

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So these are the main reasons I love this blog. I get to dialogue with my best friend, interact with others and have an outlet for creativity (stop laughing at that last point, it happens sometimes).

Why do you enjoy this blog? Let us know in the comment section and give Ryan and I a reason to enjoy the blog other than checking our stats.



16 Responses

  1. I love any time I get to spend with Matt, Ryan and Adam. All men I respect dearly who engage me in their conversations about politics and God. I always am grown and taught through them and enjoy how they all can crack me up! I enjoy this blog because we all live far away now but to some extent it allows me to still hear and be a small part of these conversations. Thanks guys:)

  2. Vicky thanks for saying such nice things about the blog and its participants. And for marrying Matt in spite of our messy room.

  3. i enjoy this blog because i learn something new every time i read it. i’ve learned more about unlv’s sports program than i’ve ever imagined over the past few months of being a regular reader. and it cannot be denied that y’all put out some of the funniest stuff…especially this week. seriously great stuff. i have really come to look forward to what will be the next big discussion here at the blog. y’all have set the bar high for great blogging.

  4. that was sara that wrote that. although i’m sure brad would agree with the above. i just need to start taking credit for my comments.

  5. The good part is that right now my occupation (student) forces me to be constantly reading, writing, and thinking. These activities are quite partial to blogging. In fact if I was to offer advice to anyone considering seminary I would encourage them to blog. It is a great avenue for processing all that you are learning and having others engage it and benefit from it. It also is pretty cool because you can look back after seminary and read about all that you learned.

  6. Why I like your blog…
    10. On the shelf/ipod/fridge…please give us a new post! 🙂
    9. A chance to learn more about Jesus, but I skip the UNLV entries (sorry guys…maybe if you blogged about the NFL)
    8. I enjoy the sense of community and I am grateful to see I am not th only person who struggles or has questions.
    7. Some entries have made me laugh and cry all in the same entry. I appreciate the truthfulness of your blog.
    6. Hot pockets…dead pockets…burnt pockets
    5. I appreciate the challenge you present to people…encouraging them to delve deep in their walk with GOD
    4. Pator Steve- I preach against mixed swimming, do you?
    3. This blog’s love of Lost and 24…you guys really like Jack Bauer
    2. I appreciate your desire to be good husbands…and your continuting adventures in that area…ikea and girly movies…
    1. I appreciate your willingness to allow all of us a glimpse into your hearts…to be tender hearted and open… exposing the good and bad, the weak and the strong within you…and you do that so you can point people to Jesus so thank you!

    Keep up the blogs…i am thankful for your site.


  7. Hmm a few reasons why I go to this blog daily.

    Teaches me something new about Jesus or at least seeing things in a different view. Love knowing you guys are honest and real. To many people sugar coat things. The Prime Rib Theory does everything but sugar coat things.. Always hearing about new books, songs or pastors that I have never heard of. Thats all I have for now..


  8. Because politics and religion are the manliest things to talk about. And that it happens here without hate or hard feelings.

    Because Micheal Moore and Paris Hilton have gotten free passes. Truly and indication of overflowing grace.

    The Beckwith post…Matt may yet end up as a writer, if he can pull more like that one out of the depths.

    A noticable lack of Christian cheese…but when it happens, it is rightly skewered as cheese.

    And yes, Hot Pockets.

  9. HECK I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT BLOG MEANS YET!! But I sure have fun visiting this site for many reasons, love the pic of Ryan & Matt!!! Unlike Kammi I found the entries on UNLV to funny & enjoyable to read. I adore the ongoing true friendship of Matt & Ryan and the way they speak their minds on anything they feel like. I love the way Both Ryan & Matt have and are growing into the finest young men. Both of you have a FAB FUNNY sarcastic way with words, hmmm Ryan which gene pool did you attain those from??? LOL Okay just wanted to say yes the MOM pop’s in here now and then to learn about stuff I know nothing about till I browse the blog.

    Also Matt this season’s “Big Brother” is alive with Christians everyone one of the 5 still in the house is claiming they are a member of the “Christian Alliance” and that is why they are still in the house. Especially check out Natalie if you catch an episode of the show this week tues/thurs/sundays. LOL So if Idol is afraid to mention Jesus the contestants on Big Brother aren’t. Smile now its true!

    Lynn Kearns

  10. Every time I miss the O’Reilly Factor, I like to check this blog to catch up on his version of the news, since this blog is an extension of the NO SPIN ZONE.

  11. Or at least the “O” Spin Zone.

  12. See Will that comment is the perfect sample of the short-sightedness and limitations of blogs. In reference to the Obama back and forth that Ryan and I have had: we have been having a great time and laughing with each other the whole way.

    By the way, I have never watched the O’Reilly Factor. I did watch Glen Beck one time in a doctors office. I wanted to throw the fake plant at the tube. T.V isn’t for learning or news for me, it is strictly entertainment. I refuse to let it be anything else.

  13. Hey man, you asked. But mostly I am just messing with you guys. I enjoy this blog because it keeps me connected to friends I haven’t seen in a long time, but, at one given moment of time, were nestled next to me for a 21 hour trip in van. Fond, fond, memories….

  14. Will that van ride deserves a blog all it own…

  15. “TV isn’t for learning or news for me, it is strictly entertainment. I refuse to let it be anything else.”

    OK, Matt, time to blow the BS whistle on that last comment. One of your earlier posts talked about how “West Wing” taught you so much about politics. Unless you were kidding, I remember thinking that you should be so much smarter than that.

    Great, now all the West Wing drones are going to harp all over me about how I should like the show, or else I’m stupid for not liking it.

  16. Ryan, when you said that van ride deserves a blog all its own, for some reason it made me think of the bus up to heaven in CS Lewis’ “The Great Divorce”. I don’t know why…but maybe I do!

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