Hey so remember when teachers told us is school that when we were cheating we were only “cheating ourselves.”

Turns out they were right. I can vividly remember cheating on all my major grammar assignments in junior high and high school. I had to relearn what adverbs and pronouns were in college. And right now (GOD BLESS WIKIPEDIA) I am teaching myself a class on syntax.

In following the examples of how we did it in school. I have created a glossary, written out the definitions and examples, and am trying to memorize them. Some examples of my glossary include:

– noun
– pronoun
– infinitive
– gerund
– predicate
– direct object
– indirect object
– predicate noun
– predicate adjective
– participle
– adverb
– article
– demonstrative nouns
– prepositional phrases
– antecedent

Dammit!!! I should have listened.


Good Friday

Why do Christians call the day that Jesus went to the Cross and suffered a brutal death good?  I encourage you all to read Isaiah 53 today and watch this video as you spend some time thinking about the work of the Cross, and the coming of Easter.


Lon Kruger Is 25,000 Dollars Richer!

This is the bonus he recieves anytime the UNLV wins an NCAA Tournament Game.  And today UNLV did just that, by beating Kent State 71-58.  In the process UNLV set a tournament record by holding Kent State to 10 points in the first half.  I do not know if this means UNLV is officially back on the national scene but its close.  We have an incredible crop of talent ready to infuse next year’s roster but right now I could not be happier of what this program has accomplished this year.  I am truly proud to be a UNLV grad.

Now if we could somehow pull the monster upset and beat Kansas on Saturday then there would be no question about UNLV has taken the leap back to national promience, regardless of what every East Coast ESPN talking head says…


Tim Keller Is Everywhere

Tim Keller has been on a massive book tour for over a month. I have listened to many of his presentations and Q&A sessions as he has gone to Columbia, Standford, Berkeley, and even Google. Yes Google, which has possibly become the most dominant influential force on all of the internet (that is outside of Jake Keck’s blog). These videos have been all over the internet and I have pretty much watched all of them since I love the man (in a purely heterosexual manner). Here is the Google lecture which is really worth your time.

If that hit the spot for you, then go buy Keller’s book, which hit 7 on the New York Times non-fiction list.

This book is the best book I have read (twice) so far this year, and I think I need to go through it again. And if that was not enough Tim Keller for you then go to the book’s website and you can hear sermons on many of the chapters in the book! Whew I am tired after all the shilling for Dr. Keller.


Preached Tonight

Voddie know how to bring the word!!

Since basketball is likely to continue to dominate this blog for at least another week, I thought I would jot down some thoughts about my preaching tonight.

First off it was for at a church, for a group I am not part of. This always creates new obstacles and makes it necessary for the speaker to find some common ground and build credibility with their audience. I hate doing this stuff and find myself saying um a lot as I think of something else interesting to say about myself. It is like I am on a blind date. Now I know this is vital, as it would be kind of awkward for some stranger to just get right up and start teaching. So I of course talk about Las Vegas and where I am from and all that boring info, I try to glaze over the seminary student part as quick as I can, since I think it makes people think differently of you. I will just start using the Mike Huckabee line when it comes up.

It was also my first time using the Britney Spears microphone. I actually did not mind it as much as I thought I would. The weirdest part was the guy who put it on trying to figure out were to place it on my cheek, I don’t know if all the contact was needed. I had trouble with it for the first few moments and then even forgot it was there. So overall my experience was positive with the pop star microphone.

My message included a group portion which I like to do with younger groups because all of them are there to connect in some way. This is a bit of a challenge since people struggle to open up when they do not know you. I did the old proximity thing and would just stand close and stare people down if I thought I could get them to participate. I do not know if this is a good method for all but it seems to work for me. Plus once I have them on the hook and commenting, I go all Larry King on them and ask them like four follow up questions.

My message included some challenging parts in which I called people to repentance and confession. I was wondering if it would be harder to do this with a new audience but it was actually easier, you get to say what you really want, and then bail. I think itinerant preachers are on to something (unless they want to get invited back).

So all in all a good night in which I met some cool people got to hangout with some other Christians, and was told by their leader that they were going to send my gift certificates for coming to teach. I laughed at this and then asked to where?


UNLV is Going Dancin!!

Well what else is there to say? A team that I thought would finish 5th in the MWC and maybe have a 500 record finds a way to get back into the NCAA tourney. With their win last night against Utah, UNLV is virtually assured of at least an at-large bid. This teams is the biggest group of overachievers I have ever seen. They are led by Wink Adams and Curits Terry, both who have morphed into star players from role players last year. And to put us over the top a guy named Rene Rougeau (whose name sounds like who should be making pastries in Paris) turned into a player who will give you whatever you need to win.

This team has faced some major challenges this year. From the NCAA giving us the ole’ shaft and making Beas Hamga sit a year, to seeing the departures of Roberson, Tree, and ML, all who were expected to be key contributors coming into the season. So congratulations UNLV and Lon Kruger, you are truly a class act program, and one that any alum could be proud of.

I think right now UNLV will be a 10 seed, but if they lose in the MWC Championship game today they will probably be a 12 seed. But we will have to wait for the selection show tomorrow evening…

UPDATE:  I just heard some of the talking heads say UNLV is still on the bubble, and one even said he thinks their “out” right now.  Of course most of these former ACC athletes just got the memo that the Mountain West is a college athletics conference, instead of just a redundant geographical description.  If UNLV is not in at this point and is not given an at-large bid regardless if they beat BYU, I will  devote  my life (or until I am no longer angry) to the demise of the NCAA and all members of the selection committee.


Coach Kruger, King of the Understatement

I did not get to watch the epic UNLV game last night but all who did are in agreement that it was one for the ages.  TCU who is a sub-par basketball team decided to shoot like a team of Kyle Korver’s last night, making 17 3 pointers.  And the ending was storybook as Wink hit a jumper with 3 seconds left to tie it, and then hit the game winning free throw.  When coach Kruger was asked about it he said, “It was a good game.”  A good game?  Really?  This is like Indiana Jones finding the Holy Grail and saying, “it was a good day.”  Here is what the Review Journal had to say about it.

“It was a good game,” Rebels coach Lon Kruger said.

This guy is classic.

Kruger to Neil Armstrong while leaning out of Apollo 11 in 1969: “Nice leap.”

Kruger to Jesse Owens in 1936 at the finish line in Berlin: “Good run.”

Kruger to Douglas MacArthur in 1914 at the Veracruz seaside: “Fine strategy.”

This guy should be national coach of the year as he has done more with less than any team in the nation, period.