A Word About The Tone Of This Blog

One of the great difficulties or limitations of blogging is that the method of communication does not properly convey tone, emotion, or depth of relationship at all. Today at church I had some people who read this blog comment about the frankness, and blunt nature of some of the recent blog posts and ensuing comment threads. I was surprised at first that people would think this until I realized that not everyone knows the deep friendships that under-gird the interactions of many of the participants in the comment sections.

Adam h, who comments frequently on this blog, is a good friend of both Matt and I, and was also our amazing Campus Crusade director in college. Matt, Adam and I are all political science majors who also deeply love the Lord, so when the topics of politics and religion surface all three of us have strong opinions and years of serious thought and study on the topics. Please know that even though we are brutally honest and blunt with each other it is all in a spirit of love and affinity for each other. The great conversations that are sometimes had on this blog are one of the things that make it so fun and rewarding for me.

As this blog has developed an identity I have noticed that it quite accurately mirrors both Matt and I; it quickly transitions between irreverent and random, to the serious and meaningful. And if you were ever to listen to our phone conversations you would understand that is truly what our relationship is often like. Just before writing this post Matt and I talked on the phone about; Greek word studies, Hermeneutics, baseball, UNLV basketball, Church (what it should be like), and who I want the Chicago Bulls to draft. It all sounds quite disjointed but it just works, kinda like this blog.



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  1. Ryan, you are now one in a long line of people that have had to apologize simply for knowing me. Matt knows what it’s all about. I am sorry if my comments have caused you any grief.

    For anyone else that reads here, I have in Matt and Ryan not only two people that I respect highly, but two people whose opinions differ substantially from mine. If that weren’t enough, I also have two friends with the strength of character and the intellectual firepower to hear anything and say anything, without animosity or intimidation. Debating with them is sheer pleasure, and I think the conversation even manages at times to be productive, not merely provocative.

    Please, anyone else, jump in and join the fun. Each small conversation is a speck in the edifice that is culture. Culture is defined even by these seemingly insignificant interactions. Help us define the culture.

  2. Oh, and it is worth saying that even though our opinions differ, our convictions are nearly identical. The conviction of the Gospel is broad enough to host many opinions, while being narrow enough to be true.

  3. Ryan, Matt and Adam H,

    So I confess that I am one of the people that talked to Ryan at church about this blog. I love reading this blog and I frequently visit it to see what random idea is being discussed, debated or even made fun of. Again, I truly love reading this blog. I have not been offended at all by the recent political banter, and if anything as someone who did not major in political science in college, have learned a lot and feel better informed about the political state of our country.

    All of this to say, keep up the good work and writing. Ryan – thanks for your friendship. Matt – hopefully someday we will actually get to hang out. Adam H – any friend of Ryan’s I am sure I would get along with as well.

    Grace and peace,

  4. Thanks Brad…please, comment more! Maybe enough of us can get Ryan to stop equivocating about Presidential candidates….the mental shake and dance is starting to look like Elaine Benes’ “Little Kicks” dance on Seinfeld.

  5. Adam if you keep pushing me I will be forced to just throw all of my support behind Nader! Oh wait a minute, Nader is usually the best friend of every conservative candidate…

  6. “A third party candidate! Go ahead, throw your vote away! HAHA!”

    – Kang

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