Pastor Wright And Race In America

I intend to answer the question that Adam asked me in the previous comment thread, but I also wanted to first post this article as I think it highlights the complexity of the situation.



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  1. From the article: “Shocking words like “God damn America” lie at the core of prophetic preaching, said Rev. Bernard Richardson, dean of the chapel at Howard University. “The prophets in Scripture . . . their language wasn’t pleasing to hear, and sometimes we need to be reminded of that,” he said.”

    This is simply not theological, it is political. When Wright said Bill Clinton was “riding dirty” on Monica Lewinsky, where did that fit into a theology? The man is and was a politcal opportunist who found a church to be his most potent, well, pulpit. He could have as easily been a journalist. A pastoral calling was secondary.

    Into this mix sits the Obama family, for 20 years, raising their kids to hear this type of language, giving tens of thousands of dollars to support it. Being America, nothing is wrong with that. But is simply unacceptable for a Presidential candidate to stew in that setting for so long. Are you going to say that Obama was unaffected by what he saw and heard? That his judgment will be unaffected by 20 years of conditioning? That hateful and divisive language went right over his head?

    Of course Black Liberation Theology is complex. All theologies are. Complexity (“nuance”, to the liberal mindset) does not make a thing acceptable or permissible. Bastardizing the Scriptures in promotion of a political stance, even in the name of ‘justice’, is wrong and should not be excused. Obama gave his tacit approval to it for 20 years. 20 years. This was not a place he went for a while to see if he liked it. “Oh, I’ll give it six months to see if I like this church.” 20 years. It does all but totally discredit any of Obama’s denunciations of Wright’s message. Maybe he makes a good Senator, representing his local constituency, but as a President, his mindset and background are simply too narrow to lead a whole country.

    Sorry Ryan, but I think this election will involve more nose-hold voting than even the GWB/John Kerry election did. All three front runners are busted. It’s OK. We’ll all still love you, even if you admit that you vote for Obama, and G*d d*mn his theology.

  2. My language at the end of the last comment is OK, because I am angry, and a very complex person.

  3. Seriously thought Ryan – how did you turn into me on this issue (you know, give people a pass when your own sins seem like a different version of the issue).

    Paris Hilton doesn’t get the pass but this flaming heretic deceiver does?

    Adam is right with how this affects Barrack. But like most evangelicals that love Obama do with the fact that he’s been the most liberal candidate on birth control, they will ignore the serious implications of this.

  4. Let me be clear I am not giving Wright a pass, I think he is off the wall and full of hateful garbage. But answer one question, why does it resonate? Probably the same reason a Joel Osteen resonates with a huge audience or a “life coach gospel” preacher resonates with so many white suburbanites. Once again liberation theologians have been saying this same kind of stuff for decades now, and it seems to strike a chord with many of their neighbors. That is the question that I think we must honestly engage, not if Wright should be defended for saying a bunch of hateful things, but what is it about good theology, and its messengers, that leaves people wanting, and willing to embrace liberation ideas?

    I do not plan on defending Wright or his crazy theology. I am appalled and confused why Obama would attend such a wacked out church for so long. And I think that Adam hit the nail on the head; most Americans will begrudgingly go vote in November for a choice that will be mildly better than what we have right now…

  5. why does it resonate?

    Because it is easier for trash to fleece the masses by blaming their problems on a large and faceless organization – whether church or governement – than it is to say to them, “You are responsible for your destiny. Make of it what you will.” Also, in truly depserate circumstances, where there is no legitimate way out, people receive comfort from posting blame.

    That said – and this too has been said ad nauseum – Wright is full of it in this country, because, for all it’s supposed sins, no where else on Earth offers the playing field and opportunity available to anyone fo any race in the USA. Both of the Obamas stand as witness – humble beginnings, Ivy Leauge education, relatively large adult wealth and success – to the supposedly dead “American dream”. The American Dream may not be real, but for the Obamas it certainly has been, and I would guess that it has been for a large percentage of Wright’s church as well.

    Why then does it resonate here in America? Because in a PC culture, no one has the courage to come forth and say what really plagues the Black community in this day and age. Bill Cosby tried, and got his ass handed back to him for it. Sadly, it is more acceptable to claim that Ryan and his relatives got together and invented the AIDS virus in order to kill off the Black Race so house values wouldn’t fluctuate so much (saying this at a dinner party would get uncomfortable stares) than it is to say that maybe the Black community needs real father figures, and real fathers, and needs its men to raise their children (this would get soup dumped in your lap at the same party). Reading this right now, which of those two statements makes you cringe more? Such is why Black Liberation Theology resonates in America.

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