Spring Break

I know all of you with full time jobs and who have not experienced spring break since NSYNC was popular will roll your eyes and scoff at me even mentioning being on spring break.  But I am on spring break and the thought just hit me that unless by some miracle God sends me to go do a PHD (only slightly more likely than me playing in the NBA) then this is my last spring break.

So for a guy who has had spring break for all but two years of his memorable life (and those two years I was a “professional reader” as Matt says)  it will be sad to say goodbye to such a good friend.  Here are some things I hope to do this week.

1.  Finish NT Wright’s new book “Surprised By Hope.”  This book is awesome and I will try and blog about it in the future.

2.  Go to New Belgium Brewery with my visiting family up in Fort Collins.  This trip is akin to living in Vegas and making the obligatory trip to the Forum Shops when relatives come into town.

3.  Make pancakes.  I really like to make pancakes but never do, this seems like a good week to do so.

4. Spend lots of time with my wife.  This is the first time or spring breaks have matched up.

5.  Yard work.  I hate yard work but it is a reality of being a homo…wait for it… ner, (that was two inside jokes simultaneously!!)



6 Responses

  1. brad says *nysnc needs the stylized * in front of the name. just for correctness’ sake.
    while i’m jealous you get a spring break, i’m glad you are using it for good things…such as beer consumption and enjoying that crystal’s break is the same week. 🙂 i’ve heard good things about that book you are reading. oh and i’ve been meaning to ask if you are related to obama or clinton…since everyone else is?

  2. Got to give out a few Technical Fouls

    T#1: Ryan, for comparing New Belgium to the Forum Shops. New Belgium is awesome no matter how many times you have been. Plus, it’s free beer. And not just free beer, but FREE GREAT BEER.

    T#2: Brad, for correcting the spelling of nsync. And really not just for that, but also for misspelling your correction.

    T#3: Ryan, for the “homo” joke. That’s two T’s and to the locker room for you.

  3. Matt just for clarification that was my blog partner in crime who misspelled *nsync which she should be ashamed for because she is the biggest JT fan I know. I would like to have that T rescinded now please.

  4. Okay, I’ll take away the technical for that.

    But I am issuing a T for your use of the asterisk in your spelling. That is unacceptable.

  5. Hey Homo…ner is classic.

  6. obviously i have moved on from the band that served as a starting point for the greatest entertainer to ever grace the face of the earth. i know how to spell timberlake. and thats all that matters. and i will gladly take the T for it. justin is worth it.

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