So Kids When Your Parents Catch You In A Lie, Just Tell Them You “Misspoke”

This seems to be the strategy of Hillary Clinton in his hilarious controversy she now finds herself in.  As Hillary has been tooling the country and boasting about her incredible international relations and policy experience, many have contested that she has severely overstated her case.  This news clip seems to support that idea, as we find Hillary not facing “sniper fire” as she stated but instead awkwardly singing …

When real life is this surreal Colbert and Stewart don’t need writers, the truth is funny enough.



4 Responses

  1. this could be the most humorous story to come out of the campaign season yet….
    love the split screen action with her description over the actual events….
    way to go hilary.

  2. I’ve got very little enthusiasm for any of the three Pres candidates…but Ryan, as a possible Obama guy, I’d love to hear your take on his church’s Black Liberation Theology. So many Christians love Obama for his spiritual language. What happens when the assumptions behind that language include “rejecting” God if He isn’t for the destruction of the white race?

  3. Wanna get that drink sometime?

  4. I do not know to much about Black Liberation theology, but have had an opportunity to study somewhat in depth, Liberation Theology. I imagine they are both quite similar. The main premise being to read the Bible in a way that sets oppressors in opposition against oppressed, and to fit the given needs of your oppression. In fact being freed from this oppression is of higher value than anything else, including proper Biblical interpretation or even your religion. In many ways liberation theologies are social science/ideological movements dressed in religion. Of course I am looking that the extremities here, liberation theologians are quite diverse in their blending of theology and social convictions.

    Liberation theologians, such as Boff, we frankly say that scripture must be read and interpreted in light of the needs of the oppressed. The pastoral side of meeting the needs of the marginalized is the highest good, and such means as social sciences, and revolution as deemed acceptable.

    I am not sure if I would lump pastor Wright into this same liberation hermeneutic and theology. In fact I think Barack said it quite well in the speech he gave last week, that there are still many traces of anger and hostility that exist in the black community that whites are unaware of. Don’t get me wrong the things that Dr. Wright said were inflammatory and disturbing, but I also see that he struggles with the same temptation white people and their pastors do; to not interpret the Bible in a manner that fits our sinful lifestyles and natures. Suburban white pastors are just as blind in their reading of the Bible when it comes to addressing wealth, prosperity, the poor and community. If many white pastors were to frankly teach through James or Amos their church’s would soon be meeting in a phone booth.

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