Hey so remember when teachers told us is school that when we were cheating we were only “cheating ourselves.”

Turns out they were right. I can vividly remember cheating on all my major grammar assignments in junior high and high school. I had to relearn what adverbs and pronouns were in college. And right now (GOD BLESS WIKIPEDIA) I am teaching myself a class on syntax.

In following the examples of how we did it in school. I have created a glossary, written out the definitions and examples, and am trying to memorize them. Some examples of my glossary include:

– noun
– pronoun
– infinitive
– gerund
– predicate
– direct object
– indirect object
– predicate noun
– predicate adjective
– participle
– adverb
– article
– demonstrative nouns
– prepositional phrases
– antecedent

Dammit!!! I should have listened.



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  1. Word to that.. But hey you have a blog that has thousands of hits. That must account for something right?

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