Lon Kruger Is 25,000 Dollars Richer!

This is the bonus he recieves anytime the UNLV wins an NCAA Tournament Game.  And today UNLV did just that, by beating Kent State 71-58.  In the process UNLV set a tournament record by holding Kent State to 10 points in the first half.  I do not know if this means UNLV is officially back on the national scene but its close.  We have an incredible crop of talent ready to infuse next year’s roster but right now I could not be happier of what this program has accomplished this year.  I am truly proud to be a UNLV grad.

Now if we could somehow pull the monster upset and beat Kansas on Saturday then there would be no question about UNLV has taken the leap back to national promience, regardless of what every East Coast ESPN talking head says…



4 Responses

  1. ryan: congrats on a great victory.
    sorry that y’all have to go up against kansas. that is sad when you know the disappointment is coming. 🙂

  2. It’s going to be a terribly bittersweet weekend. I grew up in Kansas but came to Vegas in ’98 and now work for UNLV. Needless to say, UNLV is my adopted team but both the Jayhawks and Wildcats (Coach K’s alma mater) will always have a place in my heart.

    So the NCAA, in it’s infinite maddening wisdom, put all three teams in the same bracket.

    So I’ll be rooting for everyone come game time and will feel sorry for whomever loses.

    I’ve got to say that for all the impatience of some UNLV fans, hiring Lon Kruger was the absolute best move I’ve seen. He’s exactly the coach needed to get UNLV back on track and restore dignity and quality to the basketball program. Everything from winning the conference tournament has been gravy for the fans and a credit to the work ethic and heart of the players. Next year and beyond, our expectations can grow.

  3. Both of my favorite basketball school’s drew 8 seeds this year (IU being the other one). It’s a testament to Kruger that, though IU has two of the nation’s premiere players in Gordon and White, I think UNLV has a better chance against their number 1 seed. Of course that’s assuming IU gets past their first round game tonight. UNLV plays like a team, which will take you a lot further in the tourney than two superstars can. Just ask George Mason.

    Well, George Mason two years ago.

  4. Even though I am a rabid UNLV fan I think KU is a terrible match up for them. KU is really a complete team that can do it all and beat UNLV in every measurable area. Their roster has at least four future NBA players on it. UNLV stands a puncher’s chance if they shoot out of their minds and play with the heart and grit they have shown in the last few weeks.

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