Tim Keller Is Everywhere

Tim Keller has been on a massive book tour for over a month. I have listened to many of his presentations and Q&A sessions as he has gone to Columbia, Standford, Berkeley, and even Google. Yes Google, which has possibly become the most dominant influential force on all of the internet (that is outside of Jake Keck’s blog). These videos have been all over the internet and I have pretty much watched all of them since I love the man (in a purely heterosexual manner). Here is the Google lecture which is really worth your time.

If that hit the spot for you, then go buy Keller’s book, which hit 7 on the New York Times non-fiction list.

This book is the best book I have read (twice) so far this year, and I think I need to go through it again. And if that was not enough Tim Keller for you then go to the book’s website and you can hear sermons on many of the chapters in the book! Whew I am tired after all the shilling for Dr. Keller.



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