Preached Tonight

Voddie know how to bring the word!!

Since basketball is likely to continue to dominate this blog for at least another week, I thought I would jot down some thoughts about my preaching tonight.

First off it was for at a church, for a group I am not part of. This always creates new obstacles and makes it necessary for the speaker to find some common ground and build credibility with their audience. I hate doing this stuff and find myself saying um a lot as I think of something else interesting to say about myself. It is like I am on a blind date. Now I know this is vital, as it would be kind of awkward for some stranger to just get right up and start teaching. So I of course talk about Las Vegas and where I am from and all that boring info, I try to glaze over the seminary student part as quick as I can, since I think it makes people think differently of you. I will just start using the Mike Huckabee line when it comes up.

It was also my first time using the Britney Spears microphone. I actually did not mind it as much as I thought I would. The weirdest part was the guy who put it on trying to figure out were to place it on my cheek, I don’t know if all the contact was needed. I had trouble with it for the first few moments and then even forgot it was there. So overall my experience was positive with the pop star microphone.

My message included a group portion which I like to do with younger groups because all of them are there to connect in some way. This is a bit of a challenge since people struggle to open up when they do not know you. I did the old proximity thing and would just stand close and stare people down if I thought I could get them to participate. I do not know if this is a good method for all but it seems to work for me. Plus once I have them on the hook and commenting, I go all Larry King on them and ask them like four follow up questions.

My message included some challenging parts in which I called people to repentance and confession. I was wondering if it would be harder to do this with a new audience but it was actually easier, you get to say what you really want, and then bail. I think itinerant preachers are on to something (unless they want to get invited back).

So all in all a good night in which I met some cool people got to hangout with some other Christians, and was told by their leader that they were going to send my gift certificates for coming to teach. I laughed at this and then asked to where?



4 Responses

  1. Ryan,
    I apologize for not making tonight to hear you preach. I really enjoy sitting under your teaching and learning from you, you are a great communicator and I say that with as little bias as possible. I forgot that I agreed to help lead worship for Jason Musso’s senior preaching debut tomorrow in chapel…long story short I spent 2.5 hours practicing 2 songs for the seminary’s lame chapel. I hate my life.
    I would have loved to see you with the ear piece mic, glad I didn’t have to use it. Don’t hold your breath on receiving the gift certificates, I haven’t gotten mine yet. See you tomorrow (or is it now today?)

  2. Thanks Brad for the compliment, I know you are one busy dude right now. I hope it all goes well in chapel tomorrow, maybe I will try and make it for the first time this semester. We should get together for coffee this week, let me know if there is a morning that is good for you.

  3. “The weirdest part was the guy who put it on trying to figure out were to place it on my cheek, I don’t know if all the contact was needed.”

    Oh, I needed it. Hey, want to get a drink sometime?

  4. Oh man. I am laughing. A lot. I love the internet.
    I, too wish I could have seen the Britney Spears mic on you, Ryan and am sad to have missed that. I was actually sitting in Brad’s apartment while he was gone for about 5 hours practicing for his chapel appearance. I never realized DenSem chapel was so intense until last night.

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