UNLV is Going Dancin!!

Well what else is there to say? A team that I thought would finish 5th in the MWC and maybe have a 500 record finds a way to get back into the NCAA tourney. With their win last night against Utah, UNLV is virtually assured of at least an at-large bid. This teams is the biggest group of overachievers I have ever seen. They are led by Wink Adams and Curits Terry, both who have morphed into star players from role players last year. And to put us over the top a guy named Rene Rougeau (whose name sounds like who should be making pastries in Paris) turned into a player who will give you whatever you need to win.

This team has faced some major challenges this year. From the NCAA giving us the ole’ shaft and making Beas Hamga sit a year, to seeing the departures of Roberson, Tree, and ML, all who were expected to be key contributors coming into the season. So congratulations UNLV and Lon Kruger, you are truly a class act program, and one that any alum could be proud of.

I think right now UNLV will be a 10 seed, but if they lose in the MWC Championship game today they will probably be a 12 seed. But we will have to wait for the selection show tomorrow evening…

UPDATE:  I just heard some of the talking heads say UNLV is still on the bubble, and one even said he thinks their “out” right now.  Of course most of these former ACC athletes just got the memo that the Mountain West is a college athletics conference, instead of just a redundant geographical description.  If UNLV is not in at this point and is not given an at-large bid regardless if they beat BYU, I will  devote  my life (or until I am no longer angry) to the demise of the NCAA and all members of the selection committee.



2 Responses

  1. ryan, i really admire your passion for many topics, none of the least of which is unlv basketball. i am excited for this time of year…when great sports legends are made. also, thanks for the comments on my recent blogs. i enjoy reading your thoughts. and i would never judge you based on your choices in music (i love walk the line by they way) or college basketball choices (i heart maryland) good luck tomorrow with the bracket announcements. 🙂

  2. Well there is also a small chance that UNLV could end up playing their first round NCAA game here in Denver, if they do then I am going to have to mug Brad and take his tickets. No I am not kidding.

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