Coach Kruger, King of the Understatement

I did not get to watch the epic UNLV game last night but all who did are in agreement that it was one for the ages.  TCU who is a sub-par basketball team decided to shoot like a team of Kyle Korver’s last night, making 17 3 pointers.  And the ending was storybook as Wink hit a jumper with 3 seconds left to tie it, and then hit the game winning free throw.  When coach Kruger was asked about it he said, “It was a good game.”  A good game?  Really?  This is like Indiana Jones finding the Holy Grail and saying, “it was a good day.”  Here is what the Review Journal had to say about it.

“It was a good game,” Rebels coach Lon Kruger said.

This guy is classic.

Kruger to Neil Armstrong while leaning out of Apollo 11 in 1969: “Nice leap.”

Kruger to Jesse Owens in 1936 at the finish line in Berlin: “Good run.”

Kruger to Douglas MacArthur in 1914 at the Veracruz seaside: “Fine strategy.”

This guy should be national coach of the year as he has done more with less than any team in the nation, period.



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