Mountain West Conference – Day 2

So normally I don’t like to acknowledge women’s college basketball, but in light of EXTREME circumstances I feel obligated to.


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Looks like both the women’s and men’s teams took a cue from the San Antonio Spurs and mailed in the regular season and only show up for the playoffs.  While neither team managed to win a single conference regular season game (0-32, yeah 0-32), they are a combined 3-0.  Last night the Lady Rams (wait isn’t a lady Ram a sheep?) CSU Sheep defeated 12 ranked Utah. Perhaps an omen for BYU tonight? Let’s hope not, that will hurt our RPI. So for the first time ever on this blog: go COUGS!?!

Today’s Match-ups:

Colorado State vs. BYU (-18.5) @ 12pm

Air Force vs. San Diego State (-5.5) @ 2:30pm

Texas Christian vs. UNLV (-13.5) @ 6pm

Utah vs. New Mexico (-4) @ 8:30pm

Here are my picks, feel free to add yours Ryan.

Colorado St. +18.5
– This game will be close, CSU will be all geeked up after their first win in over 20 games, and BYU will come out sluggish. The Sheep Rams will run out of steam around the 8 minutes timeout in the second half and loose by 14-15.

Air Force +5.5
– Once again I bring up Steve Fisher’s quote from yesterday: “We’re going to put in a
whole new offense and hopefully that will trick them a little bit.”
I would take Air Force even if I had to give up points. They will win by 12.

UNLV -13.5

– Don’t tell me UNLV doesn’t have chip on it’s shoulder for everyone bad mouthing the tourney, plus we own TCU. Rebels by 25.

New Mexico -4

– This is my absolute lock for today. New Mexico is playing out of their mind in both the half-court set and the transition. They will neutralize Plaisted and easily beat the Utes by 17.


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3 Responses

  1. Maybe CSU is peaking at the right time of the year? Or maybe they were playing a Wyoming team that tried as hard as the New York Knicks. BYU wins by 20

    I am actually a fan of “whole new offenses” in conference tourneys. I mean what better way to tell potential recruits, “hell I do not care about team basketball or consistency, I really aspire to coach the Harlem Globetrotters.” Plus Air Force hasn’t gotten the memo yet that the basketball season goes past February. SDSU by 11

    UNLV knows the stakes for todays game, and TCU does not seem to really care, UNLV by 13

    Utah has underachieved all year long, no reason for that to change now. New Mexico 14

  2. Matt said BYU would win by 14 I said by 20, they ended up winning by 27 I was closer. Ryan 1 Matt 0 so far…

  3. At this point I am just doing this for my own amusement, but make that Ryan 2 Matt 0. SDSU with the “new offense” notches a win against Air Force.

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