Text + Context Conference Audio and Video now up

You can now watch the video or listen to the audio of all the sessions from the “Text and Context” national conference. It is all free so there is really no good reason not to listen to it and be blessed. I would personally recommend two sessions.

1. CJ Mahaney: Pastoral Character and Loving People. I have never heard someone with such a deep love and pastoral heart for the church as Mahaney conveys in this message. And while Matt thinks his voice is a little ridiculous, he is wrong and so are you if you do not spend the hour and listen to this message.

2. John Piper: How My Pastoral Ministry Shapes my Pulpit Ministry: If you are a young guy, or any guy who has become disillusioned with the church because it seems superficial and trite than listen to this message. And even if this does not describe you, still listen to the message. This will go in my itunes folder of message I need to constantly listen to for the rest of my life in ministry. Truly an anointed man who shares some incredible stories about what it means to be a pastor.

Honestly though I think all of these are worth listening to, except the Q&A with Driscoll, this might be because I had previously heard all his answers in sermons or other talks…

UPDATE:  The Q&A I with Mark Driscoll that I said not to listen to is not available, so sorry for the confusion if you are wondering which talk I was referring to.



4 Responses

  1. Look forward to checking it out.. Thanks for the heads up yo…

    I was able to grab a beer with Matt on Sat night and we were talking about how our five year hike to the mountain top is coming up. We need to all plan a trip of some kind and hang out..

  2. DUDE I totally remember that night, along with the Mike’s Hard Lemonade…

  3. I randomly came across your blog and I liked what I saw from alot of the posts. I will be in Vegas next sunday and was hoping to find a church to possibly attend. I was wondering if you could possibly make some suggestions (feel free to email me and delete this post). Thanks


  4. I listened to the CJ Mahaney sermon and it was very helpful. I’ve struggled with a bitter, negative, self-righteous, prideful attitude toward my church and other churches lately and this has really challenged me to examine my heart. Thanks for the recommendation.

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