Senior Day – Curtis Terry and Corey Bailey

It’s senior day for two former walk-on’s.

Big props to one of the all-time great Rebels: Curtis Terry. You will never see him make anyone’s list of all-time UNLV greats except maybe mine. Curtis has meant so much to this UNLV program. He walked on with Coach Kruger and has been an intricate part of the rebuilding of UNLV basketball. He put us in the Sweet Sixteen with two clutch baskets against Wisconsin last year and has been unsung in playing out of position while leading UNLV to a possible return to the NCAA Tournament this year. THANK YOU Curtis, it has been a pleasure to watch you play. You have brought honor and respect to this program. You will be missed.

Corey Bailey (center) decided he was tired of fixing air conditioners in Florida and somehow walked on the UNLV basketball team. In his first year getting solid minutes last year he couldn’t make an open shot to save his life. But after spending sometime with a sports psychologist in the off-season he has regained his nickname “Buckets”. Corey has been a solid shooter all season, giving us an added mid-range scorer. I think it was vs. New Mexico at home that he made his first six shots. Like Terry, Bailey exemplifies the character of the UNLV rebuild. While numerous egocentric scholarship players have been kicked off the team, guys who work hard like Corey continue to contribute to the DNA of a team that, win or lose, a fan is proud to call his team. Thank you Corey for all you have done, you will be missed.