20,000 hits!

As you can tell by the little ticker in the lower right hand corner of this blog, The Prime Rib Theory hit 20,000 hits this last week. I say this not because 20,000 is a big deal, its not. But because it makes me think about all that has gone on here in the last year or so since we started this blog.

Our biggest day ever was when Matt decided to compare Francis Beckwith converting to Catholicism, to a pro wrestler becoming a heel (in a playful way). This post eventually got covered by the Washington Post and the rest was history. We still get people coming to the blog to read about it.

I have also noticed that blogging is all about longevity. Over time more and more people begin to read your blog and also participate in the conversation. Matt and I have both speculated that only around 3 to 5% of those who visit a blog ever comment. So if you have commented here, congratulations you are a weirdo. We also noticed that because we have written around 200 posts now, we still get a significant number of people coming everyday to read things we wrote sometime ago. I really think this is cool because it means that what you write can help, encourage, inform, distract, someone for months on end.

So thanks for reading our blog, even if you just ended up here by googling such things as, famous black people, Kanye West, How to cook prime rib, how much Joel Osteen can bench press, or even ass goblins. Actually whoever got here by googling ass goblins, please go away.