Worst President Ever?

Now I am no Bush fan (refraining from Micheal Scot joke, don’t say it Matt, this is a Christian blog, ahhhh). But I have a hard time calling a guy the worst President ever when I hear liberal rock stars saying things like this:

Bush has done more for Africa “than any other president so far.”

I’m just saying.


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Charles Barkley and “Fake Christians”

I watched this outlandish video of Charles Barkley on CNN the other day and was horrified as I watched it. As it concluded though I felt bad more than anything else for Charles Barkley and the people of Alabama if he does end up running for Governor in 2014. He is the very definition of a fool opening his mouth and removing all doubt about his lack of understanding and intelligence. It is sad that too often in American culture that blustering sophistry can suffice for substantive dialog and rational thoughts.

I have always been a fan of Charles Barkley and considered him to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and an excellent basketball analyst, maybe that is why this video was so upsetting for me to watch. Sadly the attributes of being strongly opinionated and a willingness to speak his mind, that make him such a great basketball announcer, are his down fall in this interview. I am not against strong opinions and a willingness to cut through PC tapestry, but you need to be INFORMED. I could not help but think of Anchorman Ron Burgandy as I watched this interview and his line, “now that’s just dumb.”

Let me be clear I do think that there are many legitimate complaints to be made against Christians today. Books such as unChristian and They Like Jesus But Not The Church are both excellent critques of the Christians and their hypocritical lifestyles. Barkley though, goes way to far in ascribing baseless motives to huge blocs of conservative Christians. Then when asked for his reasoning for being so filled with vitriol he stupidly responds that “he is pro-choice and for gay marriage.” So let me get this straight, because conservative Christians disagree with you on gay marriage and aborting babies they are to be mocked and maligned? I thought you were better than that Charles. This video clip of the interview also does not include the portion where he pretty much says that Christians are the worst thing America has going for it right now.

Given that Barkley was on CNN to shill for Obama, I would hope that Obama’s “movement” does not get bogged down in this strong current of liberal religious intolerance that pervades many pockets of the democratic party. As a Christian, and one who leans Democrat, I would hope the party and it candidates could begin to make room for people like me.


This Might Not Be the Type of Support McCain Had In Mind

I just love this photo.  McCain looks like a  new-born baby waiting to be put to bed.  I have to say though I think McCain’s hand is a little low.

Meet Pastor Steve

Some have asked me if the video from my last post is a joke, I assure you it is not. In fact you can go here to learn more about Pastor Steve. Also here are a few other topics that Pastor Steve likes to preach about, according to one of his articles. Women wearing pants is my favorite.

I preach against watching television – do you?

I preach against birth control – do you?

I preach against alcohol – do you?

I preach against women wearing pants – do you?

I preach against mixed swimming – do you?

I preach against women working – do you?

I preach against any secular music – do you?

I preach against fornication – do you?

MEN! If You Want to be Biblical You Better Pee Standing Up!

What do the translators of the NIV and President George W. Bush have in common? They both pee sitting down. And according to this guy that is what is wrong with our country. Here I was thinking that what was wrong with our country was poverty, health care, and and a quagmire of a war. Listen to this whole thing it will both frighten you and make you laugh.

Your welcome.


Free Internet at Starbucks, Another Reason I love Howard Shultz

I have long bemoaned the fact that Starbucks charged outrageous amounts of money to use the internet.  This has often made the Caribou coffee shop an appealing alternative when I had studying or homework to do.  But I hope you notice I said “charged” as in past tense.  That’s right  Starbucks is going to start offering somewhat free internet, instead of its gouging T-Mobile plan.   You basically get two hours for free when you buy something.

Starbucks has also announced that they are ready to do something about impoving their overall service and quality of espresso drinks.  As they are going to close their stores one night this month to allow all their baristas to freshen up on their espresso making abilities. This is very much needed as Starbucks has overemphasized the need for speed in making many of their drinks, at the expense of their quality.  I also hope this training will include how not to try and up-sell me on crap I don’t want.

Put all this together with Starbucks experimenting with free coffee refills and I think that Starbucks is close to regaining some of that magical ethos they once had.


Eat Your Heart Out Kanye West

(Call me Kayne, I got some hooks for your next album)

I am not going to vote for Mike Huckabee but he is far and away my favorite candidate. The guy is just one of a kind, and spits more good one-liners than most rappers these days. Well I think he even outdid himself this morning and channeled a little Kanye West in his remarks at the CPAC conference about if he was going to drop out of the Presidential race. Here is his response.

They say the math doesn’t work out,’’ Huckabee said, pointing to the primary elections remining. “Folks, I didn’t major in math. I majored in miracles, and I still believe.’’
Where does the guy get this stuff?
So from now on when I am in a conversation and I tell people I am going to seminary and getting a degree in Masters of Divinity and the look at me like I am speaking Klingon, I will just break it down for them and say, “I am majoring in miracles.”