John Piper Wrecking My World

John Piper is a blessing to the church, period.  I hear from people all the time that he is angry, a jerk, or just brutish.  Usually when I ask a person to support this claim they stammer and are unable to, they then come to some kind of statement like, “well my friend said that…” fill in the blank.  Truth be told John Piper has and does offend many, but not for the reasons he is often accused of, but because he is sure.  Sure is a dirty word in the church and seminaries nowadays.  People cringe when they encounter it and then label that person with some type of nasty name.

But I have had the blessing of sitting under this man for the last two days and just being wrecked by him.  He has devastated my understanding of church, and forced me to wrestle with the weightness of being a pastor.  Please, Please, Please listen to the sessions that he has given when they are up on they will bless you immensely…

I will write more tomorrow when I get back to Colorado.



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