National Resurgence Conference 2008: Text & Context

Well I am packing right now to head on out to Seattle for the National Resurgence Conference. Here is a video of what the conference is all about.

The topic is quite timely and one I am interested to learn more about. Truth be told though, with many ministries now putting all the audio and video content from their conferences online for free, the most valuable part of attending is one of immersion and withdrawing. You are given a chance to withdraw from all the obligations and responsibilities of your daily life, and immerse yourself in new ideas and relationships. In addition, I am going with some great guys who I am sure will provide great opportunities to discuss and process what we are hearing. This is ideal for me, as I am often a verbal processor, and enjoy learning in community.

So I will try and update from time to time what is going on in Seattle if I get a chance, maybe I will see pastor Steve there!



4 Responses

  1. No incest jokes in the trailer. Is this relevant?

  2. Sorry, I realized that sounded harsh. I think MD is a genius…his followers, on the other hand, annoy me greatly in general. I had Challies’ recent book review and the subsequent comment discussion fresh in my mind when I left that comment last night.

  3. Hey Ryan,

    I took the day off from work, and am now immersing myself in the conference from my couch via live streaming video. But I suppose this is kind of like a sold-out ball game. Since it is sold out, there is no black out. So I guess all of us siting at home in their underwear, immersing themselves in the conference must thank you for paying for us to be able to listen.

    But at least you get Hales Ales and Zoka’s, and Mighty-O donuts, and MacNJaks, oh and Matador nachos. Damn I miss Seattle.

  4. Hey guys thanks for the comments. First time I have had access to the internet. First day was quite intense and I already have my head swimming. CJ Mahaney was convicting and left me with much that will change the way I view pastoral ministry.

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