Why Do We Believe In God?

Well Oxford is ready to find out.

Oxford University is going to spend four million dollars to try and figure out why humans believe in God. They seem to think it is innate in our nature (except for western Europeans). They plan to convene sociologists, anthropologists, biologists, philosophers, and theologians to talk about why humans seem to be so obsessed with believing in God.

Things like this are always hilarious to me, as I would be willing to answer the question for half the cost they are putting into this. And I might just advise that belief in God is not like an annoying piece of corn you cannot get out of your teeth, but could be reasonable and rational given the overwhelming evidence in nature and our universe. This of course is an outrageous idea for many scholars because it escapes the hard scientism, and naturalism through which they unequivocally view the world.

I have recently finished reading J.P. Moreland’s excellent book “Kingdom Triangle” for the second time which deals with these issues, and would recommend that everyone should read it. But if you do not have time for this, just read Romans 1.

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