Worst President Ever?

Now I am no Bush fan (refraining from Micheal Scot joke, don’t say it Matt, this is a Christian blog, ahhhh). But I have a hard time calling a guy the worst President ever when I hear liberal rock stars saying things like this:

Bush has done more for Africa “than any other president so far.”

I’m just saying.


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2 Responses

  1. Well, I think history will vindicate Bush for the most part. I mean, look at what history did for Reagan…

  2. I agree, Will. Bush has been at worst an avergae President…but one of the WORST communicators of recent history. He seems to think that we are smart enough to figure it out, whatever “it” is. We are not. Our leaders need to tell us these things. And when he does speak, every single TV comedian has a tiny, tiny…pleasurable moment, shall we say.

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