Charles Barkley and “Fake Christians”

I watched this outlandish video of Charles Barkley on CNN the other day and was horrified as I watched it. As it concluded though I felt bad more than anything else for Charles Barkley and the people of Alabama if he does end up running for Governor in 2014. He is the very definition of a fool opening his mouth and removing all doubt about his lack of understanding and intelligence. It is sad that too often in American culture that blustering sophistry can suffice for substantive dialog and rational thoughts.

I have always been a fan of Charles Barkley and considered him to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and an excellent basketball analyst, maybe that is why this video was so upsetting for me to watch. Sadly the attributes of being strongly opinionated and a willingness to speak his mind, that make him such a great basketball announcer, are his down fall in this interview. I am not against strong opinions and a willingness to cut through PC tapestry, but you need to be INFORMED. I could not help but think of Anchorman Ron Burgandy as I watched this interview and his line, “now that’s just dumb.”

Let me be clear I do think that there are many legitimate complaints to be made against Christians today. Books such as unChristian and They Like Jesus But Not The Church are both excellent critques of the Christians and their hypocritical lifestyles. Barkley though, goes way to far in ascribing baseless motives to huge blocs of conservative Christians. Then when asked for his reasoning for being so filled with vitriol he stupidly responds that “he is pro-choice and for gay marriage.” So let me get this straight, because conservative Christians disagree with you on gay marriage and aborting babies they are to be mocked and maligned? I thought you were better than that Charles. This video clip of the interview also does not include the portion where he pretty much says that Christians are the worst thing America has going for it right now.

Given that Barkley was on CNN to shill for Obama, I would hope that Obama’s “movement” does not get bogged down in this strong current of liberal religious intolerance that pervades many pockets of the democratic party. As a Christian, and one who leans Democrat, I would hope the party and it candidates could begin to make room for people like me.



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  1. A Christian in the Democrat party will find out that it will be just like being a Christian in the Republican party. Christians are the placekickers of politics…if your bloc gives the party enough votes to win, you are hailed and praised. But if the candidate loses, it is all your fault, even though the whole team screwed up along the way, and despite all the missed opportunities earlier on had nothing to do with YOU. Repubs have been abusing Christians since the 2006 election cycle, and now wonder why the Christian vote isn’t so solid coming into the 2008 cycle.

    It will be no different on the other side, sadly. Obama is vague enough right now to allow Christians to wonder…and HOPE…but my guess is that he will be no different.

  2. Hey Adam good to hear from you! I was beginning to worry something might have happened to you. You fell of the radar like Fred Thompson.

  3. Sorry, the socialist vibe around here, you know, hostile environment and all. When you and Matt are of the dominant paradigm, will you herd me onto the trains, or do you leave that for younger Party members?

    Seriously, bad jokes aside, I have been working my tail off trying to remodel a house and put it up for sale. I’m all caught up on the posts, though. Keep up the good work!

  4. What part(s) of your house are you remodeling?

  5. The basement…I added a bedroom, full bathroom, a family room, and a living room. The project is nearing completion, so I may have a life back any day now.

  6. I did not know you were a regular Bob Villa Adam.

  7. My talent is frequently underestimated.

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