MEN! If You Want to be Biblical You Better Pee Standing Up!

What do the translators of the NIV and President George W. Bush have in common? They both pee sitting down. And according to this guy that is what is wrong with our country. Here I was thinking that what was wrong with our country was poverty, health care, and and a quagmire of a war. Listen to this whole thing it will both frighten you and make you laugh.

Your welcome.



7 Responses

  1. that is hilarious, where did you find that ryan?

  2. Hey Tom, hope all is well with you. A friend I used to go to school with showed it to me.

  3. Hey I see no fault in his logic….

  4. Hey I see no fault in his logic….

  5. My fav parts

    “If you don’t like piss against the wall then go buy a KJ version…”


    “im going to germany in a month YOU BETTER KNOW IM STANDING UP”


  6. My biggest question was how does he know that the President pees sitting down? I mean you have to have some major inside sources to get that kind of information.

  7. I love his train of non-sequitors. First God says he will kill all the men who pee against the wall. That occurs 6 times in the bible. Six is the number of man. God wants men to be men.

    Did he forget that God was gonna kills those who pee standing up? That’s just hilarious.

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