Free Internet at Starbucks, Another Reason I love Howard Shultz

I have long bemoaned the fact that Starbucks charged outrageous amounts of money to use the internet.  This has often made the Caribou coffee shop an appealing alternative when I had studying or homework to do.  But I hope you notice I said “charged” as in past tense.  That’s right  Starbucks is going to start offering somewhat free internet, instead of its gouging T-Mobile plan.   You basically get two hours for free when you buy something.

Starbucks has also announced that they are ready to do something about impoving their overall service and quality of espresso drinks.  As they are going to close their stores one night this month to allow all their baristas to freshen up on their espresso making abilities. This is very much needed as Starbucks has overemphasized the need for speed in making many of their drinks, at the expense of their quality.  I also hope this training will include how not to try and up-sell me on crap I don’t want.

Put all this together with Starbucks experimenting with free coffee refills and I think that Starbucks is close to regaining some of that magical ethos they once had.



2 Responses

  1. Yeah I read this earlier today, its about time. I don’t need to go off again how I think $30 a month is a little overboard for internet while the small mom and pop places give it to you for free.

    Caribou is the the best. Here is how my rating goes.

    Now Stump Town
    The bucks

    For me im not sure why they are having issues with espresso shots. Machines, water temp, length of the pull, calibration. You place a starbucks shot next to Peet’s or Caribou and it is night and day. I mean I know they are making a lot of frapps and lattes that have a ton of milk and other stuff but if you cant make a great shot get out of the business. Seems like as the books, candy, food, music and all that jazz started coming out the coffee taste went down hill. Hopefully they can turn it around a bit.

    Man I love coffee! 🙂

  2. Peet’s is legit. But StumpTown below SBC, that’s effing crazy. Since I am a pure Drip Coffee guy, and the only place I ever order lattes from is in Seattle I will give my list for Vegas, and my all-time list:

    Vegas List (Drip-Coffee):

    1. Bucks
    2. Coffee Bean
    3. Saxby’s
    4. It’s a Grind
    99. 7-11
    189. Book and Bean


    1. Zoka’s (Seattle, actually there are about 5 places in Seattle that are better than the rest of this list, but their all indy and since the majority of people who post on this blog have been to Zoka’s, sorry Tom, it counts for all of them)
    2. Alpina (S. Lake Tahoe)
    3. Bucks
    4. Peet’s (orginally had it in Frisco, yeah)
    4. StumpTown (portland, and now seattle specifically Cupcake Royal)
    5. Coffee Bean

    I’m not so sure the coffee at the Buck’s has gone down as much as the service and attention to detail has gone down. For example, my wife ordered a tall half-caff latte the other day. Not only did the retarded barista treat Vicky like the Elephant Man, but Vicky was pretty sure that the chic made it all de-caf. When there is a freaking HALF-CAF button on the automatic machines!!! Sure she would have had to throw out a shot, but jeez, we all know that.

    Here’s what happened, and why Schultz is closing stores. By spreading themselves thin, they have had to cut-corners is hiring quality managers. Managers who don’t care don’t hire, train and keep up well with their employees. Like the Romans, world domination and spreading themselves too thin has doomed the Bucks.

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