Evangelicals…I hope this changes

“Some evangelicals are wary of Huckabee, believing he is too liberal on issues such as poverty, health care and the environment.”

This is a quote from a recent news article giving the breakdown of the upcoming SC primary. Personally I find this quote a bit depressing and am hopeful for the day when Evangelicals look at these issues in a different way. Maybe Huckabee is about two election cycles early. Any thoughts?


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  1. That’s funny. I know what you mean on two election cycles early. You can say that again. The diff between Huck and Romney is that Huck is a true soul.

  2. I can understand the sentiment, though. No one should be OK with the forcible redistribution of their assets by anyone else, governement or not. I don’t know how much Huckabee is for those things, but I do see why people would be cautious based on his language.

  3. Well, um, not to start and arguement, but aren’t we already okay with a forcible redistribution of our assests? I mean, the gov’t takes about 23% of what I make and I’m okay with that, because I’m okay knowing if North Korea attacks, I’ve got more than a 12 guage to guard me. But, that’s why I like Obama. He’s not into universal health care, but he is into making it affordable for the poor. Ever since I saw Huck on the daily show, I’ve liked him. I think he still has a chance.

  4. Jesus didn’t have a political agenda. Why, then, are candidates so quick to say I am an evangelical Christian, and this is what I have planned for the country? The leap, at least in most minds, is that God is somehow backing up this guy’s political agenda. Huckabee seems like a good candidate, but being a Christian is not a good enough reason for me to vote for him. It shouldn’t be the reason that anybody should vote for him. It would be the equivalent of a gay candidate being elected solely because he is gay, and somehow all the people who are gay in America were galvanized and decided to vote for this guy who mirrored their sexual preference.

    I’m almost somewhat embarrassed to think about how being an evangelical Christian will get a candidate elected. It is a political campaign not a spiritual campaign. I’m almost embarrassed to think about how many Christians will vote for him just because of this issue. Some people say that Christians are narrow minded people, and when they vote in blocks simply because a guy is a Christian kind of confirms that to the general population. Of course Christians have to be narrow minded about salvation, but who said anything about politics?

  5. By the way, sorry to take such a militant tone on the issue. Also, I wasn’t saying that anyone on this blog was being narrow minded. It’s just that I am bothered by some of the commentary on the whole Huckabee thing. Most news sources say things like, “He will win if he can galvanize the evangelical vote.” Right after Iowa, the focus of the country turned to NH. One commentator said something like, “Huckabee won’t win NH because there is not a overwhelming evangelical base in the state.” How can he win Iowa and then be considered something of a dud in NH? It makes it seem like Huckabee doesn’t stand a chance in any place that doesn’t have a strong evangelical base, which says that the issues don’t really matter, and that the only thing that matters is that this guy is an evangelical Christian. Would you vote for him if he wasn’t a Christian based solely on the issues and his position on those issues?

  6. Well said Will well said. What I found sad about it was that Jesus seemed to care about the poor, his creation, and seeing people healed from sickness, but some how these issues have morphed into “liberal” issues that Evangelical followers of Jesus shun.

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