Catching Up on UNLV

Too much politics lately. I thought I would do a bullet list of UNLV news:

– In Phoenix’s 138-115 drubbing of Denver last night, UNLV contributed 50 points. Shawn Marion posted 27 while Marcus Banks went 7-8 from three to put up 23. Note: I don’t care what he does with the rest of his career, I will forever love Marcus Banks for watching him single handedly bring us back against SDSU in 2003 (32 points in the second half, an 8-0 run by himself with 5:00 to play, and a three pointer at the buzzer to send it into overtime).

– Lamar Roberson was kicked off the team. I cannot tell you how excited I was to see this. Also, I heard Lon Kruger has officially banned all communication with the Houston Cougars.

– We moved up in the polls this week. #35!!! 4 votes total!!!

– When I noticed we were down by 8 with 5:00 to play this past Saturday I wasn’t worried at all. Weird huh. I just knew that the Arizona loss still hurts the players, and was absolutely confident they would pull it out.

– I love Wink. 0-10 from three, and hits the two daggers. Classic Wink. Also, it has been a great ride watching Curtis Terry these past three years. No one will quite remember what he has done for this program, but he is without a doubt one of the 10 most important players in the program’s history. Why?

a) SDSU 2004. Down by 10 with 28.5 seconds to play. Terry hits 4 three pointers including the game tying bucket at the buzzer.

b) Wisconsin 2007. Needed a bucket to protect the lead and send UNLV to it’s first Sweet 16 since 1992 who does UNLV call a play for: Curtis Terry. And he nails a running at the top of the free-throw line. He also scored on the previous play. Kruger and White will be the stat leaders of that magical season, but without Curtis, those are great stats on an NIT team.

c) He wanted to come here and walked on. He is the life blood of this team. And he has the coolest hair ever.

– Bob McClellan is now my favorite sports writer. Best team outside the top 25. Bob, you’re swell.

– We’re 42 in the RPI. Right now the MWC is a lock for two tournament bids. If they handed them out today UNLV and New Mexico are dancing. Note to BYU: no matter how much you complain, Louisville’s spin-out makes our blow-out look less bad and your win less impressive. Not that it is fair, but who cares I hate BYU.

– We’re definately preseason top 25 next year. What? It’s too early to get excited about that? Listen, I’ve been through Massamino (my first ever UNLV game), Gurgurich, the four guys after Gurgurich that season, Bayno, Good, and both Spoonhour’s. I deserve to be excited about the direction of our program.

That’s all, that entire collum was an excuse to link to the article.

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3 Responses

  1. Hey you forgot Max Good! Also I have to agree that if I cannot see the game and notice on the internet that UNLV is trailing I feel calm. It is surreal to think we have one of the best coached teams/programs in the nation (that felt really weird to type). I do not know if it is possible to have a bigger man crush than I do on Lon Kruger.

  2. I have updated the banner accordingly

  3. You know, when I first moved here, they couldn’t give unlv tickets away. Now, it’s somewhat of a fight to get them.

    Why can’t the football program wise up? Does Lon have a brother that’s into the pigskin?

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