We’re Number…Um 36…Yeahhhhhh!!!


That’s right, UNLV has made its first appearance in the coaches poll this season. Two coaches put us on their ballot making us tied with Gonzaga for the #36 in the nation. As usual the AP doesn’t know we even exist. Just think Ryan, we are really just three missed field goal (see the Arizona game) from being in the top 25. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year.

I love Lon Kruger.

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2 Responses

  1. This is eerie. I had a five minute debate with myself two hours ago, on if I should post this exact same information. I to was elated to see UNLV get two votes in the poll. I decided against it though because I already read UNLV message boards, and this alone is makes me rather pathetic.

  2. Oh yeah I wanted to comment that next year’s teams will be insane. We could actually begin with a pre-season top 25 ranking. Look at this roster for next year.

    How insanely deep is that team?

    Recruit is for the one scholarship we have open with Tree getting booted off the team. I am sure Lon will use it on a big to provide some depth behind Beas.

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