Matt’s Music Picks 2007

In response to Ryan’s music post, I will offer my 5 favorite albums I have purchased this year. Note: this does not necessarily mean these albums actually came out this year, it simply means that we discovered them this year. If you want new indie music from this year I would refer you to Steve McCoy. No one knows new indie music better than midwestern surburban SBC pastors.

Now, for my top five in no particular order

1. With Love and SqualorWe Are Scientists

Okay so maybe I lied when I said there was no particular order. This is my favorite album. We Are Scientists just plain rock. As I always say, I like my emo to have a heavy guitar. This got more play on my ipod than anything else.

2. Black Holes and RevelationsMuse

Credit goes to Tom Schmidt for turning me on to these guys. The different sound coming through make for a wonderful experience. Most times I simply like things that rock, but if you can come up with s a techno-rock ballad that can only be described as a modern Bohemian Rhapsody (Knights of Cydonia), well then you earn spot number 2.

3. Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m NotArctic Monkeys

This UK band has a garage band sound, and when you get done listening to the CD you feel like you should smell like smoke from a dive bar in London. Just a hard dirty sound, best for working out, or driving fast. Vicky’s hates this CD.

4. Room on FireThe Strokes

I feel stupid for not discovering the Strokes before. Sometimes you can’t tell if they have a dance groove, and emo vibe, or are just a rock band. The CD translates to so many different scenes. Running, reading, or just hanging out. Since this was a late addition, I debated waiting to include it on next years list due to how much play it should get next year, but oh well, its too good to omit.

5. tie Under the Iron SeaKeane and Eyes OpenSnow Patrol

Great mellow stuff. I’m not sure if Keane even uses a guitar. I saw them on an SNL re-run and all they had on stage was a keyboard, a drum kit, and their creepy, pudgy, tight clothes wearing singer. That experience almost made me not listen to their stuff, but there inclusion on this list is a testament to how good it is.

Snow Patrol is just amazing. Just a great mellow sound that I could listen to over and over.

Honorable Mention: Step Outside Yourself – Over It, Green is the Now – Chris Heifner, A Weekend in the City – Bloc Party, The Sun and The Moon – The Bravery, Light Grenades – Incubus, Young Modern – Silverchair

Later today I assume Ryan will put a top five out for: books, blogs, beers, etc.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – Let’s Have Some Fun with this. Post your top albums in the comment section, this could be a cool discussion.

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3 Responses

  1. Since I am old and inflexible, I got into a band that was around when I was in college, but never bought their album until 15 years after it came out:

    Garbage…their first album, eponymous, I believe. There is not a bad song on the whole thing. They did a great job of fusing hard rock and electronic effects. Shirley Manson’s voice is incredible…haunting, powerful, and beautiful.

    I listened to this for five months while studying for the GMAT. My brain has been conditioned to associate that album with study.

    Sorry though, not enough for a top five.

  2. Tom’s Music Picks 2007

    1. Mars Volta
    My brother introduced me to this psychedelic prog-rock band, they’ve got a few albums out but their first is quite amazing called “De-Loused in the Comatorium”

    2. Radiohead “in rainbows”
    Radiohead’s last album was released online and was sold for whatever you wanted to pay for it. Beautiful melodies and well crafted songs.

    3. Muse
    I’m glad that matt also found the joys of this incredible band. We covered one of their songs at our last show.

    4. Sufjan Stevens
    Indie Folk Rock that points to Christ. He’s got about 4 Christmas albums and 5 or so other albums. 2 of which are about states Illinois and Michigan. He hopes to make an album about every state in the country. This guy is a huge influence on my music right now.

    5. Jimi Hendrix
    Being a guitar teacher I figured I should learn more about him, and this guy was a monster musician and possibly one of the greatest rock guitarist to ever live. I’m think i’m going to buy a stratocaster because of this guy.

    Guys if you haven’t yet, please go to and download their podcasts. A great website full of not-cheezy Christ-honoring music.

  3. Tom I am with you on Sufjan Stevens, he has become one of my favorite plays over the last two years. His music is always original.

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