Best Blogs of 2007

And when I say best blogs I mean blogs that I read and think others should read also. I had not thought of doing this but Matt suggested it in his post on music, and since I love lists (this is why I love the end of the year) I felt obliged.

1.– Justin Taylor

There is not another blog I have gone to more, and been blessed by more, than this one. Justin Taylor is better than Google and CNN combined when it comes to keeping up with the happenings of Evangelicalism. He has pointed me to tons of free resources, great sermons, and insightful articles. His blog frequently features lively theological debates in the comment sections, and attracts people from all sorts of theological camps. Not to mention he also writes about politics, though most of his political commentary is quite conservative.


As a guy who skipped out of taking any business or finance classes in college I have learned a lot from this blog. I have always been a self-guided student of economics and love to follow the markets. Another blog that I read and falls in this area is the MSN money blog, it is loaded with good money management tips and savings ideas.

3. CNN Campaign blog

Now if you are a subscriber the the “Limbaugh Letter” and think he is a prophet you might think CNN is demonic, but for everyone else it is a great way to stay informed and current with what is going on with the Presidential election. The stories are pretty balanced and the photos are always pretty funny. So if you read this blog and are on the fence about who to vote for in 2008 then check this blog out and prepare yourself to make an educated vote.

4. Eugene Cho

Eugene is a pastor in the Seattle area of a young church plant. I have been reading his blog for awhile and usually come away encouraged. Eugene blogs and writes in a kind, winsome, and thoughtful manner. He does a good job of not majoring on the minors and having his message lost in polemical tirades. He is worth reading.

These are just some blogs that I have found myself reading throughout 2007. I am sure that in 2008 my list will likely evolve and change. While you can waste a lot of time on blogs and surfing through them, I also think reading good blogs is worthwhile. Blogs are a good way to interact with others, learn new ideas, be entertained. Of course there are many other blogs I read and most of those are found in our “blogroll.” I will throw an honorable mention to Jake Keck’s blog because he is the king of Youtube and other funny videos. I find myself drifting to his blog when I want to see a crazy Youtube clip.


7 Responses

  1. Matt’s Favorite Blogs (that Ryan didn’t already mention)

    Bob Hyatt

    Great voice for the emergent church. Bob fights fair and is fairly balanced, plus he’s a great guy. While egalitarian and emergent, Bob offers a wonderful critique of the church culture mixed with hope and satire.

    Graceful Flavor

    An atheist Mac enthusiast. Always makes for interesting reading on Mac items, and perspective on the perception our culture has of the church.

    Slick Deals

    Great buys… coupons…unique sales. Love it.

    Young adults pastor in the Bay Area. Actually this is the same church Rob Hall is at. His review of Rob Bell’s everything is spiritual tour put his blog over the top in my opinion. I am always encouraged by the book quotes he graciously shares.

  2. Hey I did mention the CNN Political Ticker blog!

  3. Yes you did. What’s your point in saying such?

  4. Umm…this statement from your first comment.

    “Matt’s Favorite Blogs (that Ryan didn’t already mention)”

  5. Yeah, but I didn’t mention the CNN Political blog at all. You are weird.

  6. Your full of crap. And go repent for editing your comment and then lying.

  7. Thanks for the shout out

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