Good Music from 2007

I really have no business writing this post because I am really a neophyte when it comes to music, but these are artists who I enjoyed throughout this year.

1.  Miles Davis/Lester Young:  This has more to do with a new found appreciation with Jazz.  Maybe it is me growing older and not wanting music to raise my blood pressure but I have just sat for hours reading and listening to Jazz this year.

2.  The Decemberists:  This group remains one of my favorite out there.  I had only listened to their new CD until recently, but have since rectified that by going back and getting there older stuff.  They are magical story tellers and can be listened to over and over.

3.  Bloc Party:  Their new CD that came out this year was solid but so drastically different from their first one that it took me a long time to really get into it.  Plus if you are a Bloc Party fan you will be excited to know that just released a new song called “flux.”  Yes I said new song not new album, and after listening to it I can tell you it is because they found an awesome techno beat they were dying to use.  It is worth getting.

4.  Kanye West:  Hands down the best album of 2007, this is not even open for discussion, so don’t bother writing a comment about it because I will just delete it (that goes for Matt also).  If there was ever an album that I think could offer a money back guarantee it would be this one, it is that good.  Everyone I know who has listened to this album (preferably twice through) has come away amazed by Kanye’s masterful lyrics, and captivating beats.  There is a reason he is up for 8 Grammy’s for this album including best album of the year.  I know I have already plugged Kayne on this blog numerous times but I will keep doing so until Matt breaks down and listens to it.  So Matt I am appealing to you; don’t let this be like “West Wing” where many years have to go by before you do the right thing, treat yourself and listen to it now.  I know that you have lost faith in rap, I have to, in fact as I thought about it Kayne is possibly the only rapper out there that I will listen to anymore.  But Kayne will make you a believer once again.

So there are some of my music picks from 2007 with Kanye West’s “Graduation” getting the nod for best album of the year.  If you got itune gift cards for Christmas use them on some of these songs.



4 Responses

  1. Ryan if you like Miles and Lester check out the following others: Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Wes Montgomery

  2. Thanks for the picks Tom. I have been wanting to expand my Jazz collection but really have not be sure where to go. I will check these guys out.

  3. Tom, what are you recommendations for classical. I love Vivaldi, but don’t know what I should buy. I am partial to quartets, and don’t enjoy horns (sorry!). What would you recommend?

  4. An amazing string quartet is by debussy, he only wrote one and it’s my all time fav. string quartet. If you like Vivaldi, Go for some Beethoven, Mozart and Hayden. You should also download a piece called “Adaigo for Strings” by Barber. You’ll probably recognize it from movies, but it’s a very moving piece as well.

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