The Prodigal Son Returns

Joe Boyd is a pastor again.

And he has a blog.

And yes, there are about 3 people who read this that care.

Ryan, Adam…thoughts?



6 Responses

  1. For an actor, he’s one hell of a preacher.

    Seriously, I’m glad he’s back. Joe is an extremely talented guy, and one of the few people that I don’t automatically assume that I am smarter than…and he has a way of making the Bible come alive that can be called nothing other than a gift of God.

    I hope he’s finding his voice and his platform at his new church. Joe has a lot of good years ahead of him, and it will be great to watch how God uses his unique talents.

  2. Found this about a month ago. Joe seems like such a nomad to me and I wonder how Ohio will be for him. I second all that Adam said, Joe is one of a kind story teller and everyone that reads this should go download some of his sermons.

  3. I think Joe is in Ohio to stay…I think all of his nomadic living has been preparing him for where he is now. There is a crazy logic in his journey that is just strange enough to be God’s leading.

  4. Why does God’s will or God’s leading always have to be peculiar for people to believe it is God. You know, all the times a funny circumstance happens, and people say, “well it has to be God”. As if what we consider normative is what God considers normative. Never have understood that.

    Joe is great. I really enjoyed his first sermon back. Kind of a Mitch Hedberg meets Dallas Willard kind of groove. We used to drive about an hour just to hear Joe tell stories about Jesus. I praise God he is using this gift to bless the church again.

  5. “Why does God’s will or God’s leading always have to be peculiar for people to believe it is God”

    You’re peculiar, and I do not believe that you are God.

  6. That sounded harsh…I love you, Matt.

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